Filmmakers Encouraged by Government to Make “Pro-Establishment” Films: Actor Naseeruddin Shah


Actor Naseeruddin Shah said on Monday that filmmakers were encouraged by the government to make “pro-establishment” films even though he felt the film industry had been isolated from religious discrimination and Islamophobia.

Speaking to NDTV, the veteran actor also said his statement about a “section of Indian Muslims” celebrating the return of the Taliban was misunderstood.

In comments that went viral earlier this month, he said: “Even though the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan is a cause for concern to the whole world, the barbarian celebrations by sections of Indian Muslims are no less dangerous. . “

The 71-year-old actor admitted today that “celebration” might not be the right word to use. “I was referring to those who have openly made a statement in favor of the Taliban. The past history of the Taliban should make us quite anxious,” Naseeruddin Shah said.

While there is no outright fanaticism, the film industry is undergoing changes, the actor said.

“They are encouraged by the government to make pro-government films, to make films praising the efforts of the government. noted.

“In Nazi Germany this was also attempted. Outstanding, world-class filmmakers were brought together and invited to make films propagating the Nazi philosophy,” he said.

The actor said he had no definitive proof, but it was clear from the big-ticket movies coming out these days. “The kind of big budget movies that are coming. The big guys can’t disguise the chauvinistic agenda,” he said.

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