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Dylan o’brien has a full roster of upcoming projects, appearing in four films and widely rumored for a fifth. O’Brien rose to fame with the role of Stiles Stilinski in Teen wolf, MTV’s supernatural drama, putting its own spin on the sardonic best friend of the teen drama genre. From there, O’Brien continued to be recognized as a headliner The maze Runner franchise and star in action thriller American assassin.

After taking a step back from comedy, aside from a few one-off performances in TV anthologies, O’Brien has returned to the limelight over the past year or so. Her hot streak began with a reenactment of Andrew Garfield’s climactic scene in Social network, who earned praise from Garfield himself, O’Brien turned heads with his lead performance in the post-apocalyptic dramatic comedy Love and monsters. He also starred in Go back, a heartbreaking thriller about a dissatisfied young man who begins to fall apart after an old friend disappears from high school. The actor recently found time to practice with Larry David, also playing a version of himself in a self-mockery. Calm your enthusiasm cameo.


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O’Brien’s involvement in Taylor Swift’s short film “All Too Well”, however, left the biggest mark on the actor’s longtime fans. Playing against the guy, to complement what many consider to be Swift’s best song, the former teenage idol performed alongside Sadie Sink as the unnamed boyfriend who was as quick to charm as he was to. anger and gas lighting. For O’Brien, who has tended to play heroic protagonists, “All Too Well” represented a change that he will pursue with his next projects. Here’s everything you need to know about O’Brien’s upcoming films, including story details, his co-stars, and directors.

Outfit (2022)

The clothe, which recently unveiled its first trailer and poster, stars Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance as Leonard. A tailor who made costumes on London’s famous Savile Row, Leonard finds himself in Chicago after a personal tragedy. He finds himself running a small tailor shop in a tough part of town, making beautiful clothes for the only people around who can afford to buy them: a family of vicious gangsters.

With Rylance and O’Brien, The clothe stars Zoey Deutch, Johnny Flynn, Simon Russell Beale, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Alan Mehdizadeh. The film, which hits theaters on February 25, marks the directorial debut of Graham Moore, who has already won an Oscar for 2014 The imitation game in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. In earlier statements, Moore has explained how The clothe marks the culmination of an idea that the two writers have had for ten years.

Disagree (2022)

Dylan O'Brien goes blonde for a movie disagree

O’Brien will also work alongside the rules-filled squad Zombieland: double tapby Zoey Deutch in Not good, which will star Deutch as a lost young woman who is in desperate need of friends and fame. To achieve this, she simulates a trip to Paris in order to improve her presence on social networks. But, when a terrifying incident takes place in the real world and becomes part of her imaginary journey, the White Lie snowballs into a moral dilemma that provides her with all the attention she could possibly want.

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Described as a comedic satire, Not good will premiere on Hulu. The film will be directed by Quinn Shephard, who directed Cameron Post’s poor education and the 2017 teen drama film Blame. The cast also includes Mia Isaac, Embeth Davidtz, Nadia Alexander, Tia Dionne Hodge, Negin Farsad, Karan Soni and Dash Perry. O’Brien’s involvement was revealed in August, and the actor went viral after sharing a photo revealing O’Brien sporting blonde hair and fake tattoos for the film. He will play Colin.

Teen Wolf Movie (2022)

Stiles at George Washington University at Teen Wolf.

On September 24, 2021, on the fourth anniversary of the series finale, it was announced that a Teen wolf the rebirth film would air on the streaming service Paramount +. Show creator and executive producer Jeff Davis is committed to writing the Teen wolf film, which will see a terrifying evil emerge in the town of Beacon Hills. As the wolves howl again, Scott McCall must rally to what could be the most powerful foe ever faced.

While this connection line confirms that Tyler Posey will be back to play Scott and suggests that Stiles will be involved, O’Brien is yet to be confirmed to appear. Yet when the film was first announced, former O’Brien co-star Linden Ashby answered a fan’s question about Twitter and seemed to confirm that there would be scenes featuring Stiles. If O’Brien returns, it opens up the possibility of making up for Stiles’ absence in Teen wolf season 6, and that might add some details about Lydia and Stiles’ relationship as well.

The disappearances at Lake Caddo (to be confirmed)

Director M. Night Shyamalan

O’Brien will star in The disappearances at Lake Caddo, which will be produced by M. Night Shyamalan. The film will examine what happens when an 8-year-old girl mysteriously disappears on the titular lake, resulting in a series of past deaths and disappearances that begin to connect, forever changing the story of a broken family. Based on an original idea, the film is written and directed by Celine Held & Logan George. The duo previously directed the drama Above, a drama about a mother and five-year-old daughter who live in abandoned New York City subway tunnels. The disappearances at Lake Caddo will also star Eliza Scanlen, Lauren Ambrose. Eric Lange, Sam Hennings and Diana Hopper.

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Maximum truth (2022)

Featured Maximum Truth

O’Brien is linked to starring in Maximum truth, a comedy that follows a political con artist named Rick Klingman (The Mindy project‘s Ike Barinholtz) as he teams up with his shady pal Simon (O’Brien) to defeat a rival candidate for Congress. Scott MacArthur, Mia Serafino and Ithamar Enriquez are also on the bill. Maximum truth is directed by David Stassen, who co-wrote the screenplay with Barinholtz. Despite making his directorial debut with political comedy, Stassen previously wrote the Kevin Hart film. Central intelligence and wrote several episodes of The Mindy project. Like others to come Dylan o’brien movies, Maximum truth currently does not have a release date – but it was revealed by Liam Hoops, a screenwriter who worked on the film, that filming took place in July.

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