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the Scream the franchise is restarting next year after a surprisingly long layoff. One of the main reasons it gets this reboot is because the Scream the franchise in general is one of the biggest in the horror genre of the past 30 years. While people say that monsters like Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers are the most well-known villains in horror movies, it’s pretty easy to recognize the mask the killer (s) wore in all of the movies and the show. television.


There is another reason why the Scream the franchise is considered such a big franchise in the horror genre. The series managed to take itself seriously as a slasher movie, while not taking itself seriously. It was also an interesting mirror of the whole genre in general. The characters both knew they were in a horror movie script, while also talking about whatever makes the genre pretty predictable. By dealing with his own villains and victims in this way, he managed to capture audiences in a whole different way, while also introducing a mystery that people wanted to guess and eventually solve while still offering plenty of scares, cuts. and blood. Of course, because the franchise has managed to far surpass its debut movie, it’s time to figure out which were the best and the worst in the game. Scream franchise.

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shout 3 characters

it should be noted that none of the Scream the movies were actually so bad. So a ranking of movies and TV shows must have something in the last place in order to start the list. This particular episode finds ranking “last” on this list mainly because it was just a little too goofy and a little too self-aware. The plot of this particular episode took the audience into a movie within a movie, where the characters made a Scream film, although in the universe the films were called Stab.

This movie was not the first time Stab was mentioned, but it was the first time viewers saw actors making the film. As it turned out, Ghost Face decided to remove the people who were working on the film as they tried to figure out exactly why they were being removed one by one.

The meta of this Scream was okay but a bit too much on the nose. The actors were also for the most part a little too tasteless. While the movie was meant to poke fun at them, too, the franchise is a lot better when it’s a little more subtle about what it’s kidding. Still, anyone who wants to watch the entire series in preparation for the next movie that will be released next year shouldn’t skip this one, there is one canon worth discovering.


One of the things that made the first Scream so good is that he put the horror genre to your ears because it was so original. scream 2 illustrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is difficult to be original twice in a row. The sequel picked up a few months after the first movie ended and this time Sidney and the rest of the first movie survivors were starting to get their lives back on track. For the character of Neve Campbell, that meant going to college.

The only problem is, someone wanted another shot at killing the girl at the center of the franchise. Part of the problem was that the formula was indeed the same as that of the first film. However, it was still good to see the return of the main characters from the first film. At least those who survived the original. That’s why this movie stays out of the bottom spot on the list.

scream ghostface tv show

About four years after the final Scream movie aired, MTV apparently decided that the plot behind the franchise was perfect for a TV series. In fact, the Scream the TV series was probably better than most movies, as long as viewers decide to skip the second season.

The first season of the series had a fantastic cast of characters that allowed viewers to really get involved in who lived or died even more than the movies because they were there longer and the series took a deeper dive. in their stories. This is only the third on the list because there was indeed a second season and it was a little worse than the first. Unlike the now long streak, it turns out the show was only good in a short burst.

shout 4 characters

Scream 4 was kind of a reboot, without being a reboot and it actually handled things really well. Seems like this movie was always meant to end things forever, given that it has essentially come full circle. Because Hollywood apparently doesn’t like leaving money on the table, the series is getting a reboot more than a decade after this movie hit theaters.

Scream 4 did quite a few things that the first film did well, including featuring a fun, totally misguided group of teenagers at the end. That Neve Campbell had returned once more was also a good idea, especially when it revealed exactly why this chapter was related to the first.

scream billy ghostface

The grandfather of all, it would be a crime if the original Scream was not at the top of this list. The movie didn’t just have a bunch of fun teenage boys that audiences could really care about, many of the cast in this movie turned out to have gone on to bigger things and made quite a career for themselves. . At least most of them had a very successful stroke during the 1990s.

This is the movie that put the franchise in the league of other big slasher movies like Halloween while paying homage to those who came before him. Hopefully the reboot is able to accomplish at least part of that.

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