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Eternals has one of the most diverse distributions of all modern blockbusters. The film, directed by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao, follows the main characters as they come together to protect Earth from deviants. Featuring a versatile and talented set of performers, Eternals is one of Marvel’s most ambitious films.

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Its cast is an embarrassment of wealth, including an Oscar winner, an Oscar nominee, a few relative newcomers, and a few bona fide stars. All of these actors have long resumes filled with intriguing films, but one project can be rated their highest on the popular IMDb website.


Gemma Chan – Raya and the Last Dragon (7.4)

Namaari supported by his army ready to fight

English actress Gemma Chan plays Sersi, the de facto main character of Eternals. She is a sympathetic and emotional young woman who can transform inanimate matter with her touch.

Chan started acting in the mid-2000s, playing roles on shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. She has played leading roles in box office hits Crazy Rich Asians and Captain Marvel. Her highest rated IMDb credit is Raya and the last dragon, a 2021 animated film about a warrior princess in search of the legendary last dragon. Chan voices Namaari, the rival of the film’s main character.

Richard Madden – 1917 (8.3)

Every Marvel story needs a leading man, and Eternals to Richard Madden. The Scottish actor rose to prominence playing Robb, arguably the worst Stark in Game Of Thrones. He plays Ikaris in Eternals, the most powerful member of the team who can shoot laser beams from his eyes.

After the infamous death of his character in Thrones, Madden’s star has continued to rise thanks to films like Cinderella and Rocket man. However, his highest rated acting credit in IMDb is Sam Mendes’ WWI epic, 1917. He plays Lieutenant Joseph Blake, the brother of one of the main characters in the film.

Kumail Nanjiani – The Big Sick (7.5)

Marvel brand humor comes to Eternals courtesy of Kumail Nanjiani. The Pakistani-American actor plays Kingo, an Eternal who can shoot energetic projectiles from his hands and became a Bollywood star while estranged from his teammates.

Nanjiani became known through comedy Silicon Valley. In 2017, he co-wrote and starred in one of Amazon Prime’s best originals, The big sick. The film follows an interethnic couple who have to cope with their differences after she falls ill. For co-writing the screenplay with his wife, Emily V. Gordon, Najiani won an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Barry Keoghan – Dunkirk (7.8)

The Eternals have all kinds of intriguing characters, like Druig. He is the most distant member of the team, a young man with the power to control and manipulate the minds of others.

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Barry Keoghan is the very definition of a rising star. The Irish actor had his pivotal role in the Yorgos Lanthimos drama in 2017, The slaughter of a sacred deer. That same year, he appeared in his highest-rated IMDb credit, Christopher Nolan’s WWII drama. Dunkirk. He played George Mills, an impulsive teenager who meets a tragic end. Keoghan will next appear in another highly anticipated comic book movie, Matt Reeves The batman.

Brian Tyree Henry – Joker (8.4)

Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry, is the resident genius of the Eternals. He’s an inventor who has been instrumental in helping humanity’s technology advance over the years and the MCU’s first LGBTQ + superhero.

Henry got his big break with Donal Glover comedy Atlanta, for which he won an Emmy nomination in 2018. His highest rated credit in IMDb is the disturbing psychological drama, Joker. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix and serves as a possible origin story for the iconic comic book character. Henry plays the small role of Carl, a clerk at Arkham State Hospital.

Lauren Ridloff – The Sound of Metal (7.8)

Diane from Sound of Metal plays with the kids outside

Makkari is one of two roles swapped between the sexes for Eternal. Tony-nominated actress Lauren Ridloff brings this new take on the character to life. Makkari, the MCU’s very first deaf hero, has the power of super speed.

Fans know Ridloff for his role as Connie, one of BIPOC’s best characters in The walking dead. In 2019, Ridloff appeared in the Amazon Original film The sound of metal. She played Diane, a teacher who helps the character of Riz Ahmed learn American Sign Language. The film is its highest rated in IMDb.

Kit Harington – How to Train Your Dragon 2 (7.8)

Despite his incredibly short screen time, Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman could be the film’s most promising character in the MCU going forward. The EU The former student plays Sersi’s lover, Dane Whitman, who is destined to become the legendary Black Night.

Harington is best known for playing Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones, but he has several big screen credits to his credit. His best-received film on IMDb is How to Train Your Dragon 2, where he voices Eret, a dragon trapper who sells captured dragons to the film’s main antagonist, Drago. Harington also returned for the third film in the franchise.

Don Lee – Train to Busan (7.6)

Train to Busan

Gilgamesh is one of Eternals‘the bravest characters. He is the physically strongest member of the team, who can concentrate the cosmic energy in his mighty fists.

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South Korean-American actor Don Lee brings the character to life. Fans know Lee from his breakout performance in 2016 Train to Busan, a film about the passengers of a high speed train during a zombie apocalypse. He played Yoon Sang-hwa, a tragic hero and one of the film’s most memorable characters. Currently, Lee is one of South Korea’s most famous and beloved actors.

Salma Hayek – Traffic (7.6)

Rosario driving a car in Traffic

Mexican icon Salma Hayek brings Ajak to life, the wise and spiritual leader of the Eternals who can communicate directly with the Celestials. Like Makkari, the MCU swapped out the role of Ajak for the film.

After becoming a real star in her native Mexico, Hayek moved to the United States in the mid-90s. She built a career and even became the first Mexican actress in history to receive an Oscar nomination in the Leading Actress category for playing Frida Kahlo in the 2002 biopic, Frida. However, its top-rated credit remains Steven Soderbergh’s crime drama in 2000. Traffic. In the film, which explored the drug trade from multiple angles, Hayek played the uncredited role of Rosario.

Angelina Jolie – Changeling (7.7)

Angelina Jolie makes her MCU debut in Eternals play the fierce warrior Thena. She can create any weapon from cosmic energy, but suffers from a mental health issue known as Mahd Wy’ry.

After gaining prominence with her electric performance as Gia Carangi in the 1998s Gia, Jolie won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 1999 Girl interrupted. Jolie went on to become an action star before returning to heavy drama in the 2008 Clint Eastwood film, Changeling, one of the best missing persons movies and its most acclaimed role on IMDb to date. For her role as a mother in desperate search of her son, Jolie won an Oscar nomination in the Leading Actress category.

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