Dreams of being a movie star came to an abrupt end | Hyderabad News


Hyderabad: M Manasa, a resident of Jadcherla, had come to town on Friday evening to meet her new friend on social media, N Manasa, in the hope of securing new offers of short films and other films. However, Manasa’s dream of becoming an actor was interrupted by the tragic traffic accident near the main entrance to the University of Hyderabad (UoH) on Friday morning.
As Manasa could not get any offers during her stay at Ameerpet, she returned to Jadcherla a month ago and started staying with us. Meanwhile, N Manasa befriended my sister on social media and said she was doing short films and offered to help my sister, ”Mr. Vaishnavi, sister of Mr. Manasa, told TOI on Saturday at the mortuary of Osmania General Hospital (OGH).
It was this friendship that had prompted Ms. Manasa to undertake the ill-fated journey. “Around 8:30 pm, my sister informed me by video call that she had arrived safely and that she was in a room. She also introduced her friend on the call. But what happened later, we don’t know. On Saturday morning we received a call from the police in Gachibowli informing us that my sister died in a traffic accident, ”Vaishnavi said.
Likewise, the family of Vijayawada-based Abdul Raheem, who also died in the traffic accident, were shocked when more information about Abdul Raheem came to light.
“Abdul Raheem last called his mother at 8 pm, as he always does. We felt like he was staying in a hostel in Ameerpet. But we later learned from the police that he had been staying at a Sai Sidhu’s residence in Kondapur for a few months. He was behind in engineering, ”Abdul Raheem’s uncle, Sheikh Mohammed, told YOU. He added that Abdul Raheem was abstinent. Abdul Raheem had traveled to his hometown of Vijayawada after the lockdown and returned to the city in search of a livelihood just four months ago.
Meanwhile, N Manasa’s family members have yet to arrive from Karnataka.



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