DPI student Tony Wang’s film selected by the NYC Independent Film Festival


Film synopsis
The piece is a symphony of visuals, ambient sounds and music. It reveals the daily life of Yunnan, China in parks and open-air markets, the natural beauty of the province and its religious side. Traveling is a spontaneous experience, which is why I structured the video so that each scene has a different vibe – from bustling markets to the quiet (sometimes unexpectedly) countryside – to bring audiences to Yunnan as I did. did, as my friend and I rushed from place to place without fully grasping what we saw.

Mission statement
The NYC Independent Film Festival is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit providing a showcase for the best independent cinema, in New York City and around the world, to the public and the entertainment industry. The week-long celebration screens the best independent films, features educational panels and presentations led by industry professionals and hosts live performances. The Festival offers filmmakers the opportunity for potential distribution and funding, as well as rewarding the best films in numerous categories, all giving them the opportunity to mingle and network with the press, supporters and the fans.

The Festival focuses on low budget and emerging, but neglected filmmakers, bringing their talent to culturally enrich the New York community. The Festival aims to create the largest gathering of true independent filmmakers.


Since 2010, the NYC Independent Film Festival has aimed to uncover talented national and international independent filmmakers and embraces new ideas by showing more than 1,800 films from 81 countries over the past 10 years.


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