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It has been well over a decade since Cloverfield took the nation by storm with its viral marketing and innovative take on the found footage genre. Since then there have been two Cloverfield movies with another supposedly on the way. The former continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many monster movie lovers. Now that Matt Reeve The Batman has arrived in theaters, there’s no better time to look back on his first big movie.

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With a screenplay by Drew Goddard, Cloverfield follows a group of friends as they try to survive a giant monster attack in New York City. At the same time, they try to save their friends and uncover the mystery of the origin of the Cloverfield monster. Many actors in this film went on to successful careers in film and television.


Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan's characters in Item 47, Inside Job and Cloverfield

In the film, Lizzy Caplan plays Marlena, who was present at the going away party at the start of the story. During the film, she is infected with a virus unknown to the pint-sized monsters that attacked them on the subway. Her condition deteriorates rapidly and the military attempts to quarantine her before she explodes.

Caplan had a pretty good career before Cloverfieldhaving played in the years 2004 mean girls, and since then she has worked regularly in film and television. Marvel fans may recognize her from The Avengers short film Item 47who became so popular that many thought she would be the leader of the next Agents of SHIELD. Now she can be heard in the Netflix original animated series, inner work where she plays Reagan Ridley.

Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas in The Resident and Cloverfield

The character Jessica Lucas plays Cloverfield It is Lily who has the distinction of being the only character known to fans who survived the events of the film. She helped save Beth from her toppled apartment building and escaped by helicopter during the evacuation when the others couldn’t get there in time.

After CloverfieldLucas has appeared in a number of films, including the 2013 one evil Dead, the remake of the original classic that remains one of Sam Raimi’s best films. She has appeared in over sixty episodes of Gotham as Tabitha Galavan, and can currently be seen in the resident like Billie Sutton.

T. J. Miller

TJ Miller in Cloverfield and as Tuffnut in How to Trian Your Dragon

Cloverfield was TJ Miller’s first ever film role. Miller plays Hud, the cameraman for most of the film. As such, he doesn’t appear much onscreen, but often provides comic relief behind the camera. Since he is the cameraman, his death offers viewers a clear look at the creature just before the monster kills him.

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Miller had quite a career before some controversies came to light, including allegations of assault (per The daily beast) and make a fake call to 911 (by Deadline). Before that, he did a lot of animation work, like Tuffnut in the How to train your dragon franchise. More recently, he was seen in Kristen Stewart’s film Submarine but currently has no new projects in sight.

Odette Annable

Odette Annable in Walker, Supergirl and Cloverfield

Odette Annable played the role of Beth in Cloverfield. Beth was in her own apartment when the monster attacked, and much of the film’s runtime is spent tracking her down and rescuing her. Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend Rob appear to die at the end of the film due to the military strike on the creature.

Annable has had a successful television career since Cloverfield having appeared on shows like lodge and super girl. In the latter, she played Reign, one of super girl‘s wicked vest. Currently, she can be seen on The CW Walker like Géri Broussard.

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi in Cloverfield and Luke Cage in Shades

Audiences may not remember Antonio in Cloverfield since he plays a small role. Antonio was one of the people at the party before the monster attack began and he was last seen in the film on the bridge.

Fans of Netflix Marvel shows, such as Luke Cage will instantly recognize it, however, as Shades. Many fans want to see his Luke Cage character return in the MCU. Rossi was last seen in Zack Snyder army of the deadwith many other projects in the works, including his directorial debut Diamondback (by Deadline).

Kelvin Yu

Kelvin Yu at Cloverfield and the Afterparty

Another little character Cloverfield was Clark. Played by Kelvin Yu, Clark was a fellow partygoer before the monster’s attack. He survived the initial attack when the Statue of Liberty’s head was thrown into the streets, but after his plan to take a different bridge was rejected, it’s unclear where he ended up next.

He’s had a lot of television roles since. Cloverfield but he mainly focuses on his work on Bob’s Burgers, where he served as a writer and executive producer. Recently though, he was cast in the ensemble murder mystery show the after party, one of the funniest shows on Apple TV+, where he plays Ned.

Liza Lapira

Liza Lapira in The Equalizer and Cloverfield

Considering viewers are introduced to most of the characters at a party, it’s no surprise that Liza Lapira plays another party animal. Lapira has a small role, and it’s unclear if she made it to the end of the movie or not.

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Recently, Lapira played a major role in The equalizer series rebooted as Melody ‘Mel’ Bayani. Before that, she had a number of television roles, including dolls house where she played Ivy.

Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman in Superstore and Cloverfield

Ben Feldman is another actor that people watching the movie now may recognize. Feldman plays Travis who arrives at the party with Beth. They don’t stay too long, leaving just before the attack happens, and the main purpose of his role seems to be simply to make the main character, Rob, jealous.

Feldman appeared in a few films after Cloverfield before landing Mad Men. Recently, he completed a multi-year run on the hit comedy series Hypermarket and is now the leader in monsters at work.

Billy Brown

Billy Brown in How to Get Away With Murder

Staff Sgt. Pryce appears near the middle of the film to provide context for what is happening and provide a countdown for the characters trying to reach Beth. He helps the characters escape the Parasites, then warns them of the plan to bomb New York to kill the monster.

Billy Brown has had many television roles since Cloverfieldlike Sons of Anarchy like August Marks and the Vampire King of adventure time. Latest roles include Bronze Tiger in Suicide Squad: hell to pay and Nate Lahey in How to escape murder.

Scott Lawrence

Jarek Yeager from Star Wars: Resistance and Darth Vader from Jedi: Fallen Order

Audiences may not remember Scott Lawrence in Cloverfield. He is only credited as “Lead Soldier”. The character helps the main characters through a path that helps them get to Beth’s building faster. He doesn’t last long in the film, but he plays a crucial role.

While Scott Lawrence has done a lot of live work, many will probably know him best as the voice of Darth Vader. Whenever James Earl Jones doesn’t voice the role, Scott Lawrence steps in, and he has done so in every video game appearance of Vader. He is also the voice of Jarek Yeager in Star Wars: Resistance.

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