Chinmay Mandlekar is the only saving grace in an otherwise wasted opportunity!


Sher Shivraj film review rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Featured cast: Chinmay Mandlekar, Mrinal Kulkarni, Mukesh Rishi, Digpal Lanjekar, Vaibhav Mangle and others

Director: Dippal Lanjekar

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What’s good: Chinmay Mandlekar’s constant act as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

What’s wrong : The fact that it does not live up to its expectations after Pawankhind, in almost every department and poor VFX work

Toilet break: More than a regular!

Watch or not? : If you were blown away by the brilliance of its prequel, Pawankhind, and want more, skip this one. You will not regret it !

Tongue: Marathi (with English subtitles)

Available on: Theatrical release

Duration: 153 minutes

User rating:

Sher Shivraj is the fourth film in Digpal Lanjekar’s series of films based on the important chapters in the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s reign.

This takes us back to when Shivaji Maharaj had a stronghold in the Maval quarters. As the region falls under the jurisdiction of the Sultanate of Adilshahi, they want to arrest Shivaji Maharaj at any cost. In the court of Adilshahi of Bijapur, the mission to catch the Maratha king is announced and it is Afzalkhan who takes the task into his own hands.

Afzalkhan leaves Bijapur with his huge army, destroying temples and sacred places to anger Shivaji Maharaj. On the other hand, the great Maratha warrior keeps calm and plans how to deal with his enemy while he shifts his position towards Pratapgarh fort.

It shows how Shivaji Maharaj, despite having a limited army and weapons, dares to face a monster-like enemy with brilliant strategies.

Sher Shivraj movie review
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Review of Sher Shivraj’s film: analysis of the script

The Battle of Pratapgarh is a well-known chapter in Indian history and the subject matter has a lot of potential if executed well. But despite an important thread in the hand, the story fails to weave the magic as the film advances at a very slow pace.

The film revolves entirely around Afzalkhan, but there is no building of his character, which limits his menacing impact throughout the film. There are moments that feel exciting and add value to the storytelling, but the movie loses the thread so often that even some really good scenes are spoiled.

Historical dramas are about grandeur, well-established characters, and intriguing subplots, but this one falls short in every way. It’s hard to believe that Pawankhind and Sher Shivraj are written by the same person (Digpal Lanjekar).

Sher Shivraj Movie Review: Star Performance

Chinmay Mandlekar is one of the few positives to be taken from the film. After Farzand, Fatteshikast and Pawankhind, he looks consistent and subtle in his act of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. His pauses, body language and dialogue sound convincing as a great Maratha warrior.

Mukesh Rishi plays the role of Afzhalkhan. We have seen enough good work from him in Hindi movies and there is no doubting his caliber as an antagonist. However, here he fails to give enough chills and looks simple here (of course, bad character sketch to blame).

Mrinal Kulkarni and Vaibhav Mangle played their part well. Others in supporting roles are about right and no one really stands out.

Sher Shivraj movie review
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Review of Sher Shivraj’s film: direction, music

A tighter budget doesn’t necessarily need to squeeze the end product, and we saw that in Pawankhind. Unlike previous Marathi films, the film had very good war sequences and one could see how Digpal Lanjekar treated them as USP. Here in Sher Shivraj he looks confused and sleepwalks into his work. Even the important climax scene looks very ordinary and there is no excitement in it. Neither the emotional scenes nor the fight scenes are impressive, making the 153 minute runtime a gaping journey!

Speaking of VFX work, this is one of the worst seen lately. To give an example, there are a few fight scenes in which half of a sword clearly looks like an anime, with the lower part of a sword invisible.

There are a few songs and both are passable, not worth remembering. The background music is good in some places but fails to keep the momentum going in most scenes.

Sher Shivraj Movie Review: The Last Word

To be the next part of Digpal Lanjekar’s historical film series after the super hit Pawankhind goes against the film as it fails to live up to his huge expectations. Not a movie the Maratha industry needs right now!

Two stars !

Sher Shivraj Trailer

Sher Shivraj released on April 22, 2022.

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