Chilling viral promotion for horror film Smile has left MLB fans baffled and unsettled


Actors with creepy smiles have been spotted at several Major League Baseball games across the country, leaving viewers completely pissed.

Actors sporting bizarre smiles have been planted in the audience at several Major League Baseball games as part of a viral marketing campaign for the horror film Smilecausing a ruckus on social media as they were filmed.

At least three people were repeatedly spotted onscreen during the live broadcast of three baseball games on September 23. The Coliseum game between the Oakland Athletics and the New York Mets. The second was a person dressed in blue who stared strangely into space during a game at Yankee Stadium between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The third was a person wearing a “Smile” shirt during the Los Angeles Dodgers game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Dodger Stadium.

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The three were taken by pissed-off spectators at the stadium, and the connection to the upcoming film was eventually discovered on Twitter. According to these aggregated tweets, another Smile the actor was even seen photobombing the NBC backdrop Today’s show.

What is Smile?

Smile is directed by Parker Finn and serves as both the feature debut and sequel/reimagining of his 2020 short, Laura has not slept. The film features Sosie Bacon as Dr. Rose Cotter, who witnesses a traumatic incident involving a patient and begins to see gruesome smiles everywhere she goes.

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Part of the film’s promotional campaign, in addition to placing actors in ballparks, was a site dubbed where people can upload pictures of themselves doing fake smiles. At least one image of the smiling woman at the Oakland game has been posted on the site.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures, Smile hits theaters September 30.

Source: Twitter, YouTube


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