Captain Telugu Movie Review |


Release date : September 08, 2022

Rating 2.25/5

With : Arya, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Simran, Harish Uthaman, Kavya Shetty and others

Director: Shakti Soundar Rajan

Producer: SNS Film Production and The Show People

Music Director: D Imman

Cinematography: S Yuva

Publisher: Pradeep E Ragav

Tamil actor Arya is also very familiar to Telugu audience through few films. He has now developed a sci-fi movie titled Captain. The film hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Vijay Kumar, an orphan from Amaravati, serves the Indian army as a captain. His team means the most to him and he considers them family. The Government of India decides to reactivate Sector 42 in the northeast which has remained deserted without any civilian or military movement for the past 50 years. A few teams are killed during the reconnaissance operation. There is uncertainty as the reason for these deaths remains mysterious. Vijay Kumar and his team are in charge of tracking down this enigma. How are the killings going? Who is behind all this ? Have Vijay and the team solved the mystery? It’s part of the rest of the movie.

Good points :

We’ve seen Arya give compelling performances before. The actor repeats the same thing in Captain also. His transformation is amazing and he is very apt in the given role. It shows its mark with action sequences. Arya is in nearly every frame of the film and does it all justice.

Manufacturers must be liked to try something great. Their vision is splendid. Yesteryear actress Simran played a scientist and she is decent. Harish Uthaman, Kavya Shetty and others played their roles to perfection. There are scenes that were executed well.

Negative points :

Audiences will already be aware of Hollywood movies along the same lines and the comparison would be obvious here. The director screwed up by delivering a good and engaging narrative. Instead, what we see is a plain movie with absolutely routine scenes. There are no scenes that arouse curiosity and excitement. Even if you don’t compare it to any movie, the whole presentation looks awful.

For any sci-fi movie, the VFX has to be good or at least decent to have more impact. Unfortunately, the visual effects are very poor here and look very odd on the big screen. The details of the alien creature are disappointing. As for the climax, the less we talk the better.

Aishwarya Lekshmi played the female lead role but she is barely seen in the film. His role is irrelevant to the selected plot point and only adds to the length. Repetitiveness is seen in a few scenes even though they were decent to some degree.

The film is very short but it is difficult to sit through the film since we already know what is happening in the next moment. This is where the skill and mastery of the manufacturers should have come into play. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

Technical aspects:

BGM by Imman is terrific and thrilling. He did his best to save the film. The cinematography is just okay. Production values ​​are below normal. The editing team should have cropped the film even more.

Coming to director Soundar Rajan, he picked up a plot point that looks great on paper. But he failed to bring it to the big screen. Its narration fails to engage as it is filled with very ordinary scenes. When you make a movie inspired by the big names in Hollywood, the expectation is that the movie will be decent if it doesn’t match them. The director should have been more careful on this aspect.


Overall, Captain is a poorly made sci-fi movie that neither entertains nor engages. Very good performances from Arya and others, and a few decent scenes here and there are her lifesavers. Substandard visual effects, an uninviting storyline, a lack of exciting elements, and poor execution make for a tedious watch. The attempt is appreciable but the film does not live up to expectations. You can skip this movie this weekend and wait for another great movie.

Rating from 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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