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Frank L. Herbert’s Dune may have started out as a novel, but Paul Atreides’ rise and the epic tale of the desert planet Arrakis have become one of science fiction’s greatest epics. Although it has not always been a household name at the level of Star wars Where Star Trek, Dune has captured the imaginations of legions of fans, such as the box office success of director Denis Villeneuve Dune and the anticipation of its next sequel bear witness to this.

For the most part, the world of Dune flourished through books and short stories that cover events from thousands of years before and after the original novel, which remains the cornerstone of the franchise. Beyond, the world of Dune has also come to life in the comic book world a few times over the years. Now, we take a closer look at each Dune comic book series and how it fits into the franchise’s somewhat convoluted timeline.

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Marvel’s Dune: the official comic

Wonder Dune

Long before the era of streaming, comic book movie adaptations were one of the easiest ways to revisit blockbuster movies outside of the theater. From the much-maligned film by director David Lynch Dune in 1984, Marvel released Dune: the official comic, by Ralph Macchio, Bill Sienkiewicz, Christie Scheele, Joe Rosen and Michael Higgins in 1985.

Released as a mini-series in three issues, tabloid format Marvel Super Special and a paperback in paperback format, this comic adapts the ambitious film in its entirety. As well as being the only full comic book adaptation of Dune As of this writing, Sienkiewicz’s signature moody art sets this comic apart, with a memorable and menacing portrayal of the giant sand worms of Arrakis.

Frank Herbert’s Dune: The Graphic Novel

Graphic novel of dunes

Last year, Abrams Publishing released Dune: The Graphic Novel: Book 1, the first volume in a planned three-book series adapting the novel. Dune. Written by longtime franchise stewards Brian Herbert Рson of Frank Herbert Рand Kevin J. Anderson, this volume by Abrams ComicArts features illustrations by Ra̼l All̩n and Patricia Martin and a cover by Sienkiewicz.

While not a line-by-line adaptation of the original novel, this more accessible adaptation of Dune is most faithful to the spirit of the original book with the dense plot. However, it should be noted that the first volume of the book covers about as much ground as that of Villeneuve. Dune. The second volume should be released in spring 2022.

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Dune: Prequel to House Atreides

Atreides dune house

In the 1990s, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson began working on the Prequel to Dune trilogy, which covers the decades before the events of Dune. In 2020, BOOM! The studios have started to adapt the first novel in this series, Dune: Atréides House, as a 12 issue comic maxi-series by Herbert, Anderson, Dev Pramanik, Ed Dukeshire and Alex Guimaraes.

This series follows a young Leto Atreides, Governor of Arrakis, Baron Harkonnen, and the future Emperor Shadaam as they all rise to power amid a complex web of alliances and rivalries. This series also features side stories involving familiar faces like Imperial expert Fremen Pardot Kynes and a young Duncan Idaho.

Dune: Blood of the Sardaukar

Blood of Sardukar dunes

At the start of the year, BOOM! Studios offered a new perspective on the world of dunes with Dune: Blood of the Sardaukar # 1, by Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Adam Gorham, Patricio Delpeche and Ed Dukeshire. Based on a 2019 short story from Herbert and Anderson, this special one-shot follows Jopati Kolona, ​​one of Emperor Sardaukar’s soldiers who was sent to aid House Harkonnen.

Set against the backdrop of House Harkonnen’s attack on House Atreides and Arrakis, this special sees Jopati questioning his history with Leto Atreides and exploring the traditions of the Sardaukar in a story parallel to the original novel. Beyond this comic, Jopati also plays a key role in the ongoing pursuit of Herbert and Anderson. Caladan trilogy of prose novels, which began last year with Dune: The Duke of Caladan.

Dune: the official graphic novel of the film

Dune 2021 Movie Graphic Novel

Fresh out of the 2021 hit Dune, Legendary Comics and Rocketship Entertainment do crowdfunding Dune: the official graphic novel of the film via Kickstarter. Written by Lilah Sturges, this adaptation is expected to feature works by Drew Johnson, Zid, Niezam and cover variations by Bill Sienkiewicz, Johnson, Zid, John Ridgeway and Tim Sale.

Showcasing the similarities of the 2021 film’s cast, this graphic novel will cover the same ground as the film. While the Kickstarter is slated to run through November 24, it has already far exceeded its original target and offers backers the choice of variant covers and various Dune paraphernalia at different levels of support.

Dune: a whisper of the seas of Caladan

Dune A whisper of the seas of Caladan

Later this year, BOOM! Studios is about to come out Dune: a whisper of the seas of Caladan, by Brian Herbert, Kevin K. Anderson, Jakub Rebelka and Ed Dukeshire. Based on Herbert and Anderson’s 2001 short story of the same name, this one-shot is expected to follow a group of Atreides soldiers who became trapped in a cave during the Harkonnen attack on Arrakis in the original. Dune.

Faced with great odds, this story sees Sgt. Vitt uses his storytelling skills to bring his comrades back to their lush homeworld until a group of Fremen discovers something truly unexpected. Dune: a whisper of the seas of Caladan is scheduled for release on December 29, 2021.

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