Adil Hussain on his independent film’s struggle to emerge in the era of the pandemic | Bollywood


Actor Adil Hussain explains how the directors of his award-winning film Raahgir plan to release it.

Independent films, before Covid hit, were in competition with bigger commercial films for theatrical screens anyway. And after Covid, the quest for a correct version continues. Adil Hussain’s award-winning film Raahgir is one example.

He says the creators haven’t decided on an exit strategy yet, as things are very different right now. “They try to bring it out in theaters, which are not properly occupied. And people are worried too. It would probably take a little longer to present it to people, ”he says.

The 58-year-old adds that the film’s director, Goutam Ghose, is known as a National Award winner, so the film will benefit from that. “It’s famous in Bengal, so the producers would probably try to release it there first, even though it’s not a Bengali movie. But the name of the director will play a very important role. I probably have some kind of popularity there as well, I’ve done some Bengali films as well. It could be a possibility. And after that, or maybe simultaneously, there could be an agreement with an OTT platform to release it there, ”Hussain explains.

Big movies like Belbottom, which starred him in a central role, however managed a theatrical release except Maharashtra earlier, then OTT, then re-released in Maharashtra. How did Hussain manage to strike a balance between making these pots and, at the same time, undertaking projects like Raahgir?

“I have no idea how. I just feel like I’m an actor who stars in commercials, and I am also in the role of an actor who plays roles in independent films. We always play roles as sincerely as possible. I think I’m happy enough and interested in playing roles without having unnecessary judgments like “oh that’s a part in BellBottom” or “oh a part like Raahgir”. It’s never a question of whether it’s a commercial or independent film, ”he says.

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