Proper nutrition for camgirls: three infallible tips

Working as a webcam model implies having a lifestyle full of privileges and comforts , which will turn your day to day into unique and special moments. The large sums of money that you could constantly receive, would allow you to offer yourself some luxuries, which in former times would only have been possible in dreams. One of the luxuries to which we refer, in this case, is the food and the princess diet that you should maintain to preserve that statuesque figure that your clients love. The fact that you earn a lot of money as camgir l, does not imply that you can eat any type of food, at any time of the day, without any specific dietary control. Your body is a reflection of your diet, so we recommend three infallible tips for you to lead a lifestyle where eating habits are the fundamental pillar of your figure and your health.

How should a webcam model feed herself?


In the market there are numerous types of food, both natural and processed, that you may be used to including daily in your food menu, however, you should know with responsibility that not all of them provide you with the necessary benefits to maintain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, far from diseases caused by inappropriate eating habits. If you want to make a change in your diet, follow these three infallible tips, which will begin to make a difference in your life:

Drink 8 glasses of water a day


We know that the topic of the 8 daily glasses of water may sound trite, however, it is necessary to remind you, since many people, although they know it, do not comply with it to the letter. There is nothing more harmful than failing to follow this precious advice, as your body will be completely damaged by depleting hydration. As a webcam model, you must try to keep your body hydrated ; drinking two liters of water a day is one way to contribute to this.

Include fruits and vegetables at every meal


Eating green fruits and vegetables, especially, will provide you with iron and vitamins necessary to immunize your body and protect it from viruses and diseases . Also, if you are constant with these foods in your diet, your abdomen, in addition to the benefits of physical exercise, will look flat and toned, ready to wear a beautiful outfit in any of your sexy shows. The more beautiful and toned a ProKino looks , the better her earnings will be. Check it out!

Consume protein daily


Proteins will help you add volume and tone to your muscles ; You should include them in your daily diet, preparing them in a healthy way, avoiding fried foods or sauces with a lot of fat. Remember that fat will affect the skin, especially that of the abdomen and that of your beautiful face.You don't want to appear in front of the camera with horrible pimples, which affect your appearance! A webcam model should always look perfect, even if you are flesh and blood like your clients, but trust us, they will not understand!

You can also include, obviously, low-fat dairy, as well as sweeteners as long as they are dietary. Don't forget to include fiber and cereals in your daily meals. Carbohydrates are equally necessary, but in very small portions, trying not to include them in your eating habits on a daily basis. Remember that we are 90% what we eat and 10% what we exercise; start modifying your diet and eating habits and you will see how even your skin will look different. Become a royal camgirl through spectacular nutrition full of health and energy!

Camgirls rooms: practical tips for designing them properly

Working as a camgirl implies combining a series of resources and materials, which will make your shows the most desired and sought-after moments by your wealthy clients. It is not enough just to take care of your body or hair, in addition to this, it is necessary to attend to every nook and corner of the room or space that you have chosen to broadcast your live shows. Dressing up and looking like a queen means that you should be in a properly decorated place for a queen . It is not worth taking care of your image and neglecting your room at the same time. A webcam model must convey her full personality without inconsistencies ; You cannot be a royal camgirl only in body and physical appearance, if the room where we are is a real disaster. There must be congruence between what you are broadcasting with your show and where you are.

Let's see some tips so that you can design the right camgirl room for your sessions. Remember that you will attract clients, to the extent of all the positive you can project, let's start, then this time, with the room that will host you during your shows.


How to design the perfect room for my ProKinoa shows?

Finding and enjoying the ideal design for the room from which you will broadcast your shows is not always cheap and accessible for all webcam girls , especially when they are starting out in this business and do not have so many clients yet. However, it is important that you try to arrange the space in the best possible way , avoiding showing undesirable things or of very poor quality, as we explain below:

Keep order in the room


Under no circumstances should you allow your clients to observe a neglected, poorly arranged room, with clothes everywhere and a poor and disheveled bed. Try to keep your bed impeccably made with beautiful sheets and appropriate pillows or cushions for the occasion. One of the worst mistakes that some beginner ProKinos tend to make is leaving their bed completely unclothed , with shoes and objects thrown randomly around the room, just as if a hurricane had passed and it had completely turned everything upside down. It does not matter if you do not have the economic resources to start doing your shows in a luxurious room, what is really interesting is the neat and hygienic image that you can project.

Combine the styles and colors


A pleasant room should be arranged with objects whose style and colors match perfectly and combine with each other. Each object within it must fulfill an aesthetic purpose and not seem that your room is a mere deposit of old and useless checheres. Remember that if you look regal and beautiful, your room should not be left behind. Working as a webcam model should project your lifestyle . You don't want your clients to associate you with a poor and decadent girl! Definitely, you have to always have a princess air in everything you can show or evidence.

Perfect lighting


Lighting is another important factor for your room to have that natural and special touch that will make your shows the best in the world of camgirls . Your room should have enough light, no dim or diffuse effects, otherwise your clients will not be able to see you clearly. A well-lit and well-groomed room will determine, in a way, how successful you are as a ProKino.

Work and personal life two elements that a camgirl should never mix

Nowadays it is very common to involve our work with our personal life, perhaps due to stressors and convulsive situations that the societies in which we develop live. It is common to find people in their jobs, dull, not in the mood to smile or who, perhaps, carry out their duties without giving them the proper treatment that their clients deserve. Even many of them manage to gain confidence, abruptly, revealing personal problems in the middle of conversations, out of place, as a way to relieve so many family or emotional pressures. If you work as a camgirl and your business is to make your clients enjoy your shows and overwhelming personality, you should know that, under no circumstances should you mix your problems with your business . Being a webcam model implies, among other things, that the best thing you should take with you, will be your good attitude and emotional balance to project security, equanimity and confidence in your sessions.

Clients are full of problems and situations that overwhelm them every day, remember that they seek your services and attention to de-stress and find something to relax through your mischievous smiles, hot shows or encouraging sensual words. Let's see why it can be dangerous for a ProKino to mix her work with her personal life .

Why, if I am a camgirl, should I keep my personal life private? Three obvious reasons


Some professions perhaps allow interaction with people in a simpler way than what can correspond to you with your clients. However, it has never been well seen for any professional to be an open book of personal and family emotions in their workplace or when talking to the public they have to help or serve. Being a ProKino is one of the most restricted and hermetic activities that can exist, if we talk about the relationship that model - client must establish, regardless of how long their business relationship lasts. Some obvious reasons why you should never mix your work with your personal life are:

Hermeticism and secrecy about your profession


Obviously, hardly any webcam girl wants her most precious family and friends to know about the type of activity she does on a daily basis through the ProKinoa. This, for reasons that are more than clear, would put interpersonal relationships with those who are part of your family circle or friends at risk. You should not talk to your clients, other than the morbid cam that may arise in the middle of the show; Avoid engaging in detailed conversations with them, much less sharing emails or phone numbers.

Full satisfaction for your customers


Have you ever wondered why clients seek the services of a ProKino? What is so special about a webcam model, who does not have an ordinary girl of those that men can meet every day, anywhere? Freshness and sympathy, being seemingly free of problems and always having a lively warm smile between their lips, are some of the reasons why customers may prefer you. For this reason, you should avoid, at all times, reflecting uncomfortable personal situations or getting involved with a client, beyond what your business allows you. Remember, your clients need a relaxing space, free of bad faces and everyday problems; Always treat them with the best of your smiles and avoid establishing another relationship with them, outside of what your show implies.

Protection and security for you


Finally the most important reason is the one that translates into security and protection for you. Being a camgirl implies having multiple admirers around the world , with different personalities and emotional states that could seriously affect your physical and moral integrity. Faces we see, hearts we do not know; You will be able to see faces that inspire confidence, clients that offer you the moon and the sun, there will even be those who propose family stability or money and pleasure trips. Do not fall into traps like these, working as a web model means putting your intelligence to work at every revolution to avoid falling into the hands of psychopaths, who can end your career or even your life in a two-for-three.