Where to sell content as a camgirl ? This is one of the most frequent questions that webcam models ask themselves when they want to enter, fully and seriously, in the world of shows and entertainment for adults. There are often girls with interesting proposals in their camgirl shows , but they don't know how to promote themselves as a ProKino . One of the first things you should do is research about websites and platforms, which can help you sell your videos , photos and accessories so that you can start to analyze which of all the pages is the ideal one for you. In this short article we will talk about BentBox , what features they offer you and how you can get the most out of it to grow your business.

What is Bentbox and what does it offer to camgirls?

Bentbox is a chain that allows you to sell "Boxes", which can contain a compendium of videos, photos or other content that you want to sell. This website has an adult section where you can sell content as a camgirl , through its platform, after you have registered.

Some aspects that you should take into account when wanting to register in BenBox are the following:

Percentage of earnings from webcam models

As a model, it is you who decides how to sell your videos of camgirl shows , that is, you will be the one who assigns a price to the content you sell through the BentBox platform. The percentage of profit that you will receive for your sale will be 65%, leaving the company with a standard commission of 35%.

Payment frequency

Perhaps this is a not so advantageous aspect for some camgirls , who want to have their earnings when they need them. Bentbox pays vendors monthly, which can be uncomfortable and unprofitable for many; However, it is an option worth considering taking into account the benefits that you could obtain from this platform to make yourself known as a webcam model .

Distribution of earnings from Bentbox

Bentbox allows you to distribute the payment of your earnings with other people to whom you must give some credit for making your videos or material. You will be able to divide the profits between your collaborators, other models or the studio where the recording was filmed. You can enjoy this benefit, in its Premium version, only by paying $ 5 per month.

Earnings from referrals

Bentbox has a referral program where you can earn extra income as a camgirl ; You can earn 5% on your customers and referred members, whether they buy your content or are interested in the content of other models.

Registering with Bentbox is extremely quick and easy; you can sell videos , photo galleries or any other multimedia content that you want to produce. Your administrators are adding new features to you, often to improve service to your members and vendors. It would definitely be a great option to try and successfully include yourself in the world of webcam modeling . Camgirl shows are highly sought after, so you'll be able to grow your finances in the blink of an eye.