If you are looking for a web platform topromote yourself as a webcam model and sell your camgirl content , Youkandy.com is one of the options, which you have to choose from among hundreds of pages of this style. In this article we will analyze this web platform to allow you to choose the one that suits you best or suits your needs. Remember that uploading your camgirl shows to a serious and recognized platform will give you the boost you need to become that famous ProKino that you want to be so much.

Is Youkandy.com the ideal platform to sell camgirl content ? You decide!

As we have been telling you, there are hundreds of pages for webcam models , however we recommend that you choose the one that provides the best benefit and profit. We present some features of Youkandy.com so that you start to think if it is the ideal platform for you.

English platform

Unlike other platforms for camgirls , the Youkandy.com platform is only available in English, which represents a great disadvantage for camgirls who do not speak English. If you have ever wondered how a camgirl can increase her income , we tell you that one of the fastest ways is by being accessible to the entire global universe of clients, who frequent this world, which will not be possible if you do not speak English . Speaking English will allow you to move, like a fish in water, through the page, sell your content and interact successfully with your followers.

Variable commissions

On this page you will not get a fixed commission for the videos or photos that you upload to the platform; Since the earnings will always range between 60% or 80% , however if you use the camera of the same platform to perform your camgirl shows live , you can win 100% of the amount of your show.

Fast payments

You can use your earnings whenever you want, choosing the most comfortable payment method for you. You can choose to receive your earnings through Payoneer, by bank transfer or simply by depositing your account to any bank in the world. The money will be paid, through the method you want, between 24 and 48 hours.

Expansion of job opportunities

Youkandy.com allows you to work as a webcam model on other platforms in parallel, which is advantageous since some websites reserve the rights to the content of their camgirls only for them. You can sell your shows on different pages at the same time and thus diversify your income.

A negative aspect of Youkandy .com is the fact that it does not have as many clients as other web pages of this style usually have, however, if you manage to become one of the favorites of some of these users, you will begin to receive profits quickly and effectively . Remember that the decision is in your hands, you can try your luck on this page for webcam models without losing practically anything, since in parallel you have the possibility of offering your services as a camgirl on other platforms.