Selling content as a camgirl is much easier if you are the one who directs the entire process of production, selection and publication of the material, since you will be able to take full control of your projects. is a self-publishing platform for sexual content , where art, eroticism, fetishism and glamor come together in the content published there. This website allows you to publish your own content, being your own manager and monetizing your work with ease.

How does work?

If you decide to sell your content through the platform, you will have the opportunity to:

Promote diversity

You can post camgirl videos or galleries of talented images of all kinds, without discrimination of race, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation, among others. owes its name to the wide variety of content of different styles that are published on its portal, however you should know that its terms and conditions prohibit the publication of violent content, which includes blood, weapons, abuse, torture, kidnapping, abduction, sacrilege or child pornography, among other aspects.

Post original content

Once you have subscribed to the page, you can start publishing your content (following a series of simple instructions), as long as your videos or webcam model photos are completely original productions and do not affect copyright. You must also take special care with the elements that you include in your productions, such as music, brands, words, phrases or images that are protected by copyright; If receives a request from the owner of the rights to any of these elements, to remove the publication from the portal, it will be removed immediately.

Modify content availability

You can give free access, whenever you want, to some of your publications to attract a greater number of customers. However, you will not be able to give free access to more than 20% of your publications, so 80% of them must always have a cost to view them.

Control your posts

You will have control of your profile and everything you publish, as long as you do not incur some faults of plagiarism, copying or copyright theft. You can publish and delete your productions whenever you want, but always keeping in mind that the webcam modeling content that you are going to upload to the platform has not been published previously. This represents a disadvantage for some girls, who have well-priced material with attractive content and want to take advantage of it through other platforms . If you are one of them, you should know that you cannot have published it on another website or republished it on the portal

Get 70% net profit

Your shows as a camgirl or the photos you publish will be remunerated based on 70% of the price that each production imports. You will earn money every time a user observes your publications or gives him a "I love it". gives you the opportunity to carry out a much more artistic promotion of your content; Not only can you sell purely sexual publications, but you can also publish sensual or erotic videos and images that go more towards what the true art of adult fun implies. If you take photos or videos as a webcam model and you want to found your business based on your own driving, you could encourage yourself to try, for free, the features that you will find on this page and promote yourself through the art that you will find on it.