Starting to sell content as a webcam model seems an easy task for many, however it is not as simple as it seems, since you must make sure that the platform meets all the conditions and services that will provide you with the benefits you are looking for. In this opportunity we present to , a website, like many others, where you can upload multimedia content to improve your income as a camgirl . After reading the characteristics of the site, which we detail below, you will be able to compare with other sites you have visited and choose which of them will be the best option for you.

Some important facts about

Some important information that you should know about are the following:

Content on request

In this website for webcam models you can perform camgirl shows on request , which you can customize according to the demands or tastes of your client. The sale of videos on request gives you the freedom to design and execute the performance of your video with the characteristics you want, as long as these conform to the request of the user who will pay for it. Remember that in a nutshell it is about fulfilling your client's fantasy; You can choose the resolution of your videos and the delivery date of the same, as well as charge a little more for saying the name of your client, among other special requirements that you request.

Some web models do not adapt easily to selling content on demand , as it can be uncomfortable to run shows that they are not familiar with or that violate their beliefs, religion or social values. This feature can be a disadvantage for camgirls not used to doing this type of indulgence; If you decide to sell content on Customs4u , you should be open to all kinds of possibilities.

Pre-recorded videos offers you the opportunity to upload pre-recorded videos and earn generous tips through the demand of visitors, who observe your multimedia creations.

Live shows

On this website you can perform live camgirl shows directly from the camera available on the platform of the page. If you do not have enough time to stay in line waiting for a client to request your show, you can activate the reservation option so that your clients meet you in a space reserved in advance. Likewise, you can chat with your clients while they pay you for every minute they are online with you. It's all a matter of figuring it out and getting the most out of this option.

Earnings between 70% and 85%

The earnings of camgirls on are variable depending on the activity you perform for the page and your clients. You will earn a 70% commission for each video on request that you make, as well as for each video clip that you upload to the page; 75% for bonuses and tips that your clients give you when observing your content, in the same way you will receive commissions of 85% for each live show you do from the platform camera on the website.

Working as a camgirl will allow you to increase your income and improve your quality of life as you set your mind to it; It is not enough to upload videos to any web page hoping that luck will fill your pockets, you must apply cunning and intelligence to belong to the best camgirl platforms , which will make you enjoy economic abundance. Selling content as a webcam model is nowadays a whole business, you just have to know how to choose and enter the platforms that host prestigious, quoted and famous girls.