How to look regal in every webcam show? Six tips for camgirls!

Working as a camgirl does not mean that you will always be naked, just out of the shower, refusing to make the slightest effort to look beautiful and groomed, with the excuse that the camera hides everything and hides the details perfectly. There is nothing more powerful that can destroy your career growth than these myths or beliefs. Being a webcam model is no less important than being a runway or show model in person ; As in these two activities, you must look impeccable, beautiful in the sight of your clients, but above all neat and excellently groomed, always pointing to the ideal and perfect woman that your clients are looking for in you. Here we share with you six tips that will make you look regal and beautiful in each of your shows , don't forget to follow them and add any other element that you think is necessary to complete your magnificent and elegant image.

Elegance and naturalness

Make sure that your words, gestures and movements are always natural, delicate and elegant, keep a straight and completely upright posture when walking, avoiding hunching over or lowering your head looking at the floor while you walk or talk or with your client. Your security will be evident in your gestures and in the conversation you can have with him. Be natural above all else; Overacting creates images or forced personalities that, in the end, do not fully satisfy your clients. Be an elegant and natural webcam girl and you will conquer your clients forever!

Dress well

When using your specific outfits for each show, take care that they are neat and impeccable, perfectly ironed if applicable. Show yourself as the princess that you are, with regal and fine costumes, whose fabrics and stitching highlight the best of your figure . Working as a camgirl does not mean that you should be discovered and without clothes in all your shows, on the contrary, covering yourself and gradually showing your attributes will unleash the hottest and most explosive sensations in those who observe you through the camera.

Shaved and hydrated skin

For a webcam model , shaving perfectly before each show is really important , since most clients do not like a girl covered with hair all over her body. If it is the pubic area, you may consider, perhaps, if it is your liking, doing some type of Brazilian waxing as long as you do not leave a lot of hair in the place. Although there are tastes of tastes in this world, it is likely that you will ever find a client who asks you to take your intimate area without any type of waxing or shaving, however it is not very common.

It is also important that you hydrate your skin before each session. Hydration will give your body freshness, shine and youth.

Shiny, well-groomed hair

Shiny hair is also synonymous with youth and health, the most regal ProKinos meticulously care for their hair on a daily basis and keep it well groomed. This is a detail that you should always take care of to see you beautiful and impeccable in each presentation.

Toned muscles

Although this is not an absolutely decisive element for you to be successful in your business, it nevertheless represents a factor that you should take very seriously if you want to attract dollars, much faster to your bank account. A well-groomed and toned body is always more attractive in the eyes of the most demanding clients. Being a successful camgirl implies exercising daily to maintain her health, her youth and above all to look just like the clients want to see you. Remember that a webcam girl owes herself to her clients and must please their tastes .

Sobriety and delicacy

It's not about wearing accessories or outfits like crazy, just trying to impress your clients. Remember that extravagance can deduct points if you go overboard in your personal presentation or in the way you wear each of the items you wear in your shows. A camgirl should always be sober and delicate, taking into account the type of clients who usually request her. Keep in mind that less is more, so it is preferable that you wear few accessories and look sober, than that you go overboard with your outfit and look like something out of a comedy or horror movie.

Are you getting started in the world of camgirls, four tips that will make you become a successful model

Being a beginner ProKino is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that a girl can face, due to the wide and competitive market that this world has. The inexperience and ignorance of key strategies to succeed, can lead her to become one of the many web models , which swell the list of boring and insipid newcomers, who do not meet the expectations of their customers. If you are starting as a webcam model and want to make millions of dollars with your work, keep reading this post and you will know the most important recommendations to start as a camgirl and attract thousands of fans, who will become, in the blink of an eye, in your most loyal followers.

Four tips to succeed, do not forget to follow them to the letter!

Below you will find the most important tips to be a webcam model, we warn you that having a good body and sympathy is not enough, sometimes having other additional characteristics will make a difference, let's see and get to know each one of them:

Discipline and commitment

Perhaps you think that working as a ProKino is one of the easiest and simplest activities you can find to do even, only in your free hours, without the responsibility of feeling committed to posing in front of a camera permanently. Let us tell you that this is a very common myth among beginner girls, who unlike the famous and experienced girls, must take their new activity more seriously, if they truly want to succeed. Discipline is one of the determining factors to be successful as a web model; you should organize your time and give priority to your new business. The more hours you dedicate, the more opportunity you will have to make yourself known. You will see how you grow like foam.

Master english

As you know, English is the lingua franca that moves and dominates the world. The most successful deals are closed in dollars and agreed in English. Given that most of the clients of web models are originally from Europe or North America, it would not be a bad thing for you to learn this language, if you know in advance the enormous economic and financial advantages that it can generate for you. Earning money as a ProKino is only for smart girls, and smart girls speak English!

Have confidence and self-assurance

Contrary to what many people may think, working as a camgirl does not always mean possessing the characteristics of exceptional beauty or a statuesque physique. Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you are flirtatious and feel attractive, able to catch the eyes with your movements, regardless of your color or the texture of your body, you can immediately link fame and money with your day to day. Remember then, that having confidence and feeling sure of yourself are some of the most important tips to become a successful web model .

Willingness to learn

If your question is how to become a webcam model and earn money quickly, we tell you that to become a camgirl you must possess the important virtue of patience and the desire to learn. If you think it is an easy business where the only thing that matters is standing in front of the camera and doing whatever comes to your mind first, you are in serious error; Being a ProKino is an art that is learned with patience and improves day by day , only if you have the best disposition and the time to train in this millionaire activity.

Obviously, there are elements that will improve your appearance in front of the camera and turn your business into one of the most lucrative activities you have ever experienced, however, if you follow these four tips to the letter and take them into consideration, you will have a long way to go. advanced when you start as a camgirl. The recommendations to be a web model are key elements that you should always read and analyze to make your business grow.

How much does it cost to become a camgirl? Just enough to earn tons of money!

Working by webcam has become one of the most coveted activities in recent years, due to the high income it generates for its models. Many girls, who want to venture into this world, have the belief that successfully becoming part of it will involve investing in numerous and large expenses, probably impossible for some of them, however, is this true? How much does it cost to become a camgirl ? Keep reading this post and you will find the answers to these common questions.

How much money do I have to invest to be a webcam model?

In reality, this is a very common question among beginner girls, who fear that their economic development may be truncated due to not having enough resources to start in this business. Becoming a webcam girl , obviously, requires a set of necessary requirements to be able to carry out this activity, however, they are not impossible and unattainable as they seem.

Among the most important material requirements we can name a computer with a webcam, high-speed Internet connection, a pleasant and well-decorated room or space, chic outfits, provocative and explosive costumes, articles and accessories (glasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, belts , among others) makeup and any other element you want to add to your shows.

Getting started as a web model is not as difficult as it seems, since if you have been able to realize it, practically today, almost all of us have a computer and Internet in our homes. Also, on the other hand, what girl doesn't have a pair of eye-catching glasses or accessories in her closet? The investment that you will have to make, perhaps, will not be so representative for your pocket, nor will it mean staying in bankruptcy waiting for your new income to arrive.

Can I get started as a camgirl without spending a single dollar? So is!

As we have been saying, becoming a camgirl is not as difficult as many girls think ; You will not have to make large investments to be able to succeed, you can even do it without having to spend money from your cut budget up front. If you have a computer and a webcam (as practically all of us do), you can start debuting as a camgirl without major problems or restrictions. You can create fun outfits using the clothes that you already have in your closet; All you need is creativity and the fun way you want to combine them so that you can create heart-stopping outfits in each presentation. No matter how little you have, what counts is the way you distribute and use the clothes you already own to look regal and provocative.

If you have perseverance and dedication to your new activity, you will see how your bank account will begin to grow rapidly, giving you the opportunity to acquire new clothing and accessories for your shows.Don't limit yourself, creativity will always make you look provocative and elegant! Remember, it is not what you wear, but how you wear it and how you feel wearing it.

However, if for any reason, you need to make some expense to venture into the world of web models , it will not be in vain or money thrown away. It's not about how much money you invest, it's about how much money you are going to earn.Be ambitious and look at it from that point of view! Any amount that you can invest initially, will be minimized in the extreme, by the thousands of dollars that you can get to receive, if you are smart and you are successful in your new business.

Food at your webcam shows? Become a flavored camgirl!

Webcam shows have become a demonstration of pleasure and creativity, without equal, in recent times. Every time we find more accessories or fetishes that are included in these shows to please customers; accessories of all kinds, from the simplest and most common, to the most bizarre and strange that we have seen. A webcam model must use all kinds of resources and strategies to achieve popularity that will make her become everyone's favorite. What if you let your imagination run wild and discover new ways of acting in front of the camera? Wouldn't you like to be a camgirl, literally full of flavor and fun? In this post we show you how to make the difference between the common, read on and find out.

Can I include food in my camgirl shows? The fun touch you were missing!

Although perhaps, some camgirls may find it strange to include food or food in these shows , we tell you that it is one of the most requested activities by many of the clients of this millionaire business. If you really want to succeed and break the rules, you will have to open yourself to new possibilities to become a versatile and creative web model , you will have to add that different touch to your shows that is missing, then why not add a little flavor and enjoy this new experience? Let's see what foods you can use and what strategies you can use to play with them.


Some long and thick vegetables such as bananas, carrots, aubergines, cucumbers, among others, will be ideal to replace some toys that you can use to give yourself pleasure during the show.You will make your fans explode with ecstasy!

Sweets and desserts

Sweet foods are one of the most precious and exciting foods to add sensuality to your web sessions. We recommend small fruits such as strawberries, cherries, grapes and even bananas that you can chop up and put them in strategic parts of your body. Chocolate, in a bar or syrup will also be a good idea, alone or combined, with milk cream or some other thick and viscous cream that can roll over your exotic figure.The most famous web models use them!


Milk, juices, sodas, even wines, beer or some other liquor, will always be ideal to play sploshing. By pouring them on your body, you will reveal the most precious secrets that you hide in your underwear.

Salty food

These types of foods may seem weirder when trying to include them in shows, however, many customers are excited to watch you masterfully place a piece of pasticho, French fries, stew or some type of salad on your body.

It is not the food you use, but the attitude and mastery with which you include it in your presentations. A true webcam model must know how to handle food delicately, insert it into her mouth with exciting gestures; sucking your fingers with sensuality and playing for a while with food in key parts of your body, will make your clients never forget you and always ask for a little more of your attention.

What about kitchen utensils? Can I include them too?

Of course you do, the more different and explosive details you include, the better your show will be. You can include kitchen utensils such as pans to gently tap your buttocks or do anything else with their handles; everything always to your creativity and imagination. Likewise, large spoons, spatulas, jars or bottles could also be useful in case you want to make a difference and play an explosive girl chef role. Always think about making a difference and being unique, being a ProKino requires initiative, security and originality; clear if you really want to succeed.

Do you have tattoos and are you a camgirl? Discover some important tips

Tattoos have become the reflection of our personality and thinking. In recent years they have come into force, leading to particular moments or scenes in some parts of our body, which often disfigure or embellish our humanity. If you are a camgirl , you have tattoos and you do not know what impact or repercussion they may have on the success of your career, we invite you to read this article, where you will find important tips that will help you understand its influence on the life of a webcam model .

Do tattoos influence the number of clients you may have?

In the world of camgirls there are all kinds of clients; clients for every moment, with personalities and particular tastes, lovers of the common, the extravagant, the bizarre and the angelic. Actually tattoos do not influence the number of clients you can have if you are a webcam model; You must understand that between tastes and colors the authors have not written, that is, there will always be a person for each one, regardless of whether or not others may be attracted or liked. However, if you have large tattoos or they are printed on a large part of your body, we advise you to meet the following requirements so that you continue to look great :

Tattoo quality

As we have said, the amount or motives of the tattoos do not determine the scope or projection that you can have as a webcam model , although the most common is not to find camgirls with 90% of their body tattooed . However, if you have a tattoo on your body, be it large or small, it is important that its design be of quality, evidencing an art well thought out and not a disaster made of colors without any shape. Remember that aesthetics is one of the most important factors that have determined the success of the most important ProKinos in the world.

Fitness and toned body

Can you imagine a large tattoo on a part of your body whose skin has lost elasticity and tone? Quite a horror show! While it is true, that we said, that we do not all have the same tastes and that there are a variety of people for all demands and needs, it is also true that a tattoo on a withered, flabby and full of cellulite skin is not attractive to almost anyone . Working as a webcam model does not mean that you should be a beauty , but it is important that you take maximum care of your body and that you show your best in each session.

If your case is one of the few that has this problem and does not want to show an ugly tattoo, you should cover it with a sexy or provocative clothing item or with any item that you think is appropriate for the occasion.

Discretion in the names that appear on your tattoos

Likewise, if it is also the case that some of your tattoos show explicit names of some people related to you, it will be important that you can cover them or find a way not to show them on the camera . Privacy is a very important factor that a camgirl must take care of, in addition to the fact that certain names may refer to the clients you are dealing with at that moment.

Remember to keep as sober and elegant as possible, the vast majority of exclusive and important clients are driven crazy by a sober, delicate and angelic girl. You will be the doll that they transform into the character of their dreams and desires, you must not give up for them to know personal things about you, in any way.

How should a camgirl spend her free time tips to make the most of your time

Having become a webcam model surely does not leave you time to dedicate enough to the things or activities that you like, you may spend whole days in front of a ProKinoa trying to get the most out of the business you started in, without even have a little space to distract yourself or do something different. Although for many camgirls their work means fun, it is not advisable to dedicate full time to any activity; that is, the space must be found to alternate work with rest and relaxation. If you are an active and dynamic ProKino of those who like to get the most out of everything they do, read this post and you will discover how to invest your free time to the maximum, without leaving out any important thing to do .

What should I do in my spare time? What you need to always look young and beautiful!

Each of us chooses how to take advantage of his free time and what things he should do based on his needs and interests. However, when we have little time to relax, rest or do any errand, we think about what things we should do first or which of them are the most important. If you are a camgirl, you should focus more carefully on certain activities during your free time , which will be absolutely beneficial for you and your career in general. Let's see some of them:

Exercise and get your body moving

In this business of webcam models , the most successful are always the most beautiful and dedicated to maintaining their aesthetics. Try to jog every day or walk at a steady pace for 40 to 60 minutes; You could also swim or go to the gym to tone your muscles. If you don't have the opportunity to leave the house, for any particular reason, you can exercise indoors. Today there are numerous machines and physical exercise programs, which will help you exercise without having to leave your home. Be a ProKino with a beautiful face and body, the more toned and perfect you look, the higher your income could be!

Go to a spa

While it is true not everything is work, but it is also true that in your free time you can take advantage of some space to dedicate yourself to contribute to your body, thinking about the economic benefits that this can generate. Your business as a webcam model can be favored if you can frequently go to a spa and give your body a gift. The application of masks, the sauna, a relaxing massage or any other aesthetic therapy or treatment will influence, considerably, your appearance and the way you look. It will also help you relax and recharge batteries.

Treat your hair with care and professionalism

In the same way as you attend and take care of your face and your body, you should do it with your hair. It is important that, from time to time, you leave your look and the treatment of your hair in the hands of true professionals, who always keep you looking like the attractive camgirl that you are. It is not enough to wash your hair and style it yourself, give yourself a frequent visit to the stylist to cut the burned ends, remove the pins, apply a fresh and youthful temptation or simply apply a hydrating and reconstructive treatment. Well-groomed and well-groomed hair is one of the factors that will make you always look young and regal.

Sleep and rest peacefully

Working as a camgirl can be a strenuous and exhausting activity on some days. You will have gone through times when clients do not give you time to rest or recover between sessions, ending up truly tired. When you have free time it is important that you spend time getting enough sleep , enjoying a good book or some relaxing music before going to bed. If you don't get enough rest, fatigue will wreak havoc on your body, making you look dull and withered in front of your clients. Remember that they are paying you to look beautiful and stunning.

Tricks to show off perfect hair in your webcam shows: some tips

A camgirl should always look flawless and beautiful , from head to toe. Although sometimes you try to do everything you can to keep your hair in good condition, avoiding the use of the iron and the dryer in excess, sometimes it is not possible to hit, with the appropriate treatment to look spectacular. Hair is like a smile, that is, your letter of introduction to an important meeting for the first time. The more neat and groomed it looks, the better the impression you'll make and the hearts you'll break across the screen as a ProKino .

Many web models who are starting in this business, make the mistake of not paying as much attention to hair care, mistakenly believing that the body is more important than other details of their appearance. Many neglect color, texture, shape, cut and hydration, showing off hair of terror. If you don't want to be one of these rookie ProKinos , follow these tips and get ready to show off a spectacular mane.

Hydrated and impeccably groomed hair - just the way a true camgirl should look!

As we have been saying, the hair will be the final touch that gives light and illumination to your face , apart from the makeup you choose to wear in your shows, however if you do not know how you can wear great hair to captivate your clients even more, follow the following tips, which will give you an aura of a true royal princess.

<h3> Avoid constantly using the iron, curling iron or hair dryer </h3>

We know that it is necessary, sometimes that you use one of these beauty appliances to give a different touch to your look, however the indiscriminate use of them will make, no matter how hard you make, you look dry, dull and damaged hair. view of your most exclusive customers. It's not worth risking that much, when your reputation as a camgirl doll is at stake. If their imminent use is necessary, you should make sure that they are of a very good brand so that they do not cause such significant and rapid damage to your hair. Working as a webcam model will require you to have beautiful hair just like that of a fairytale princess.

Moisturizes hair constantly

The shine will not come by itself to your hair, if you do not take the time to hydrate and pamper it with professional brand products or simply natural treatments. Although natural treatments sometimes take longer to show their effects, they are not invasive or cause as much impact on your pocket. You can try applying masks to your hair made with honey, yogurt, lemon, rosemary, aloe vera, avocado, among other products that will make you look spectacular. The most important thing is that you remember to hydrate your hair at least once a week or even up to twice , if you have thick, dry and dull hair.

Choose the hair color, cut and hairstyle that best suits your face and skin tone

Sometimes we insist on wearing the look that is in fashion, regardless of whether it really looks us or not. Don't make big mistakes like these, a webcam model should always look great . Do not get haircuts that do not suit your face, if you want to cut it and give it a different look, consult a professional first who will guide you as to the color that suits you best and the most appropriate way to style it. Remember that the more natural you look, the more attractive you will be in the eyes of your clients.

The most important thing is that you remember that in the same way as you take care of your body, you must attend and take care of your hair. Being a camgirl is a way of life, which translates into the best style and appearance you can show .

How to wear a perfect makeup on your ProKinoa? some tips and tricks

Looking radiant and beautiful will always be an inescapable requirement of any camgirl who wants to attract prestigious looks and clients . Although many times you want to look fresh and natural on camera, you should always use makeup to create that look you want so much and cover certain details and imperfections that, otherwise, would make you look a bit sloppy. Naturalness is not in showing yourself with a freshly washed and pale face in front of the camera, naturalness is about looking fresh and radiant , with a lit face without excessive makeup that can overshadow the beautiful features that already define you.

Being a webcam model implies adopting different roles and roles that will often merit a complete makeover, including of course makeup. It is not the same to put on makeup for the role of a sweet and innocent schoolgirl, than to act as a sexy and hot nurse. Let's see some tricks and tips that you can put into practice to wear a perfect makeup in your ProKino shows .

How should I wear makeup for my webcam shows?

As we have told you at the beginning of this post, the makeup will depend on the role or role that you are going to play in your show and the outfit you want to wear in each session. However, something very important, regardless of the presentation that you are going to make by ProKinoa, is the application of bases and illuminated powders on your face and neck, this will act as a screen that can cover imperfections, scars or other defects that you may have , giving you a youthful and radiant appearance. You should always try to make your face look like porcelain so that you make a difference, between ordinary girls and you, who now work as a webcam model .

If you have a white or light complexion, you could dare to wear dark lipsticks, as the current fashion trend indicates. This type of lip color is appropriate for girls with fair skin, since if you are brunette or darker in color, it will not have the same effect on your face. A ProKino must learn to analyze her face and features to determine what kind of colors suit her according to her skin color and facial shape.

Before applying the makeup base, you should apply a moisturizing cream on your face, neck and eyes to refresh the skin and prevent makeup from breaking when applying it. Makeup your eyes should be a fundamental rule before each show , it does not matter if you do not print color to other parts of your face, however, the eyes cannot remain pale and careless. A través de tu mirada le hablarás a tus clientes, es por ello que deberás usar máscara para pestañas, delineador, algo de sombra y maquillarte para obtener efectos de una mirada profunda y penetrante, de esas que ningún cliente podrá evitar con facilidad.

Una chica webcam podrá además maquillar algunas otras partes de su cuerpo para disimular rasgos imperfectos, especialmente en sus piernas para cubrir algunas arañitas o en los brazos para tapar alguna alergia o sarpullido que pueda tener. Lo importante antes de aplicarte el maquillaje en cualquier zona es recordar que el exceso del mismo te hará lucir mucho más vieja y artificial ¡No querrás que te añadan años a los que ya tienes! Luce hermosa y perfecta con la cantidad de maquillaje adecuado sin abusar de sus propiedades y beneficios.

¿Cómo tener orgasmos explosivos y verdaderos en tus shows en vivo? consejos para camgirls en acción

A menudo es común escuchar los comentarios u opiniones de personas asegurando, que es imposible que una camgirl pueda disfrutar cada momento de sus shows y sentir el placer, que supuestamente experimenta frente a la cámara. Sin embargo, estas opiniones quedan sin fundamento cuando sabemos que muchas chicas evidentemente logran gozar su trabajo y se sienten en la cima del cielo al tocar ese punto exacto, que las convierte en las modelos web más deseadas de este mundo virtual . Algunas chicas webcam creen que logran engañar a sus clientes al fingir un orgasmo, y es que mientras más actuado y fabricado sea, más artificial resultará. Un orgasmo natural se refleja espontáneamente en el rostro de la chica y en el sonido que produce , llegando a transmitir ese placer de inmediato, a través de sus ojos y gestos, pero ¿cómo tener orgasmos explosivos frente a la cámara? Si trabajar como camgirl es tu negocio y deseas aumentar tu lista de clientes, pon atención a las recomendaciones que te sugerimos a continuación.

Orgasmos de camgirls en vivo ¿mito o realidad?

¡Realidad sin ningún tipo de ficción o fabricación artificiosa! Por supuesto que es posible llegar a tener orgasmos en vivo si eres camgirl y tienes en la pantalla de tu computador a un cliente deseoso de disfrutar, virtualmente, de tu creatividad y atributos. Para llegar a este nivel de éxtasis mientras trabajas, sólo deberás seguir los siguientes consejos:

Películas porno

Disfrutar de las sesiones más candentes de algunas películas porno, harán preparar tu cuerpo para que esté listo a recibir placer y captar las sensaciones más atrevidas con mayor facilidad. Además te proporcionará la lubricación perfecta para iniciar el jugueteo frente a la cámara. ¡Una ProKino excitada, desempeñará mejor su rol! Créenos, tus clientes te adorarán.

Concentración y seguridad

No hay nada más perjudicial para llegar al orgasmo que la distracción o falta de concentración. Como modelo webcam , debes sentirte deseada y segura de ti misma, creer fehacientemente que eres la mujer más hermosa y deseada del mundo, especialmente del cliente que tienes en pantalla. Si te sientes hermosa y te concentras en tu momento (ese momento que te hará llenar de jugosos dólares) no habrá impedimento para que goces de un buen orgasmo.


Don't be shy about doing anything that can make you orgasm easily; If you want to talk indecently with your client, scream with pleasure, move to your liking, use toys and unimaginable positions, break the taboos and feel with the full power to bring out the best feelings from your interior You can be sure that your client will also explode your most forbidden wishes!


When you close your eyes, you can imagine an exciting moment that you have lived at some point, think of that boy who makes you explode, imagine how you melt into his body and what hot things the two of them could do! Dominate your body with your imagination, everything is in the mind, you can do wonderful things with it!

The pleasure that a camgirl can provide herself will radiate even the most sensual and sensitive fibers of her client; If each orgasm will translate into money, imagine how juicy your bank account will become. A real temptation!

How to be a webcam model: Start Here

Welcome to the best site with information about webcam models in Spanish.

If you are on this page it is because you are just starting to be a ProKino or you are interested in being a camgirl or a camboy. If you don't know what being a ProKino is, let's start there.

ProKino or webcam model , is an actor or video actress who performs a streaming or live transmission through his webcam. A ProKino either camgirl (for girls) or camboy (for boys) can earn money by performing sexual acts like nudity, masturbation or sex. However, being a ProKino is not limited to that, since you can also earn money by chatting, playing video games, doing cosplays or a combination of everything, although an erotic camgirl earns much more than one that only smiles, for example.

Who can work as a ProKino or webcam model?

Well you will see basically anyone who wants to broadcast live can be a ProKino . Many people have the wrong idea that to be a webcam model you need to be handsome and have a great physique, we are going to be physically attractive, but that is not the case.

The basic rules to be a ProKino is to be over 18 years old and be daring, since shyness will not help you at all to be a webcam star .

It does not matter if you are tall, girl, thin, obese, if you are 18 or if you are 50, if you are transsexual or boy, everyone is welcome to the webcam world and every type of person has their audience.

How much can I earn as a ProKino?

In this industry you will earn more if you manage to increase your number of fans and viewers in your chat room, new models can easily earn more than $ 200 US dollars a week, but there are also professional models that earn more than 100,000 dollars a year, even There are ProKinos who earn more than a million, it all depends on your commitment to this job and the time you dedicate to it.

Great, what do I need to get started as a webcam model?

The basic requirements to start working as a webcam model are:

  • Be of legal age in your country and have an ID
  • Have a bank account / ewallet in your name (where you will receive your earnings)
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Cell Phone (whatever you will use to connect to the internet)
  • Internet (good and stable connection)
  • Webcam (good streaming quality)
  • Nice atmosphere to broadcast live.

How good do I have everything, now what? Basic tips to get started

1.- If you have the basic requirements and you want to start, but you have never done something similar, the first advice I give you is to practice in private, make video calls to friends, family, you could use Skype or Omegle to talk and lose your fear in front of the camera, remember be extroverted.

2.- You should be speaking at the beginning of your show and in all your shows. Especially early in your career, you should give members who have never seen you a reason to stay with you. Having personality and talking to them while they write to you really makes people stick around. Stay upbeat too, move around a bit, but try to stay on camera.

3. Make sure to smile and act friendly. This welcomes new members. Most viewers only need the company of one person, so if you're friendly and smile, they'll stick around. If someone greets you in chat, do your best to acknowledge it. Always focus on your public chat. You can't neglect users trying to pay you!

4. Make sure you provide the best equipment you can. High-quality streaming shows visitors that you have experience, and you really care about what you do. Also, set up the camera and everything before you start streaming. Nobody wants a model that constantly adjusts its camera all the time or that the connection is lost.

5.- Try to establish a schedule of when you will be online and try to stay online for at least 3 hours when you start. It provides members who like to come back and offers them a window where they can get more followers. Before disconnecting, try to say goodbye minutes before and inform them when will be the next time you are online.

6.- Most websites allow you to put a custom room theme. Do it! If you are independent, let people know their tip prices for different screens. Also include a goal, which also serves as a score and whatever action you plan to take when the goal is reached, there are camgirls who play games like roulette to determine the goal and action to take for example.

7.- You should never complain about not receiving tips! Avoid begging for tips as well. This emits a negative vibe and causes many viewers to leave. If you are not meeting your token goals, try a different approach. Members don't come to websites to be called cheap, they feel accepted and hang out.

8.- Always remember that you are in the last control of your chat room. If someone is constantly harassing or teasing you after you've asked to stop, you can block them!

9.- If you are worried that your family or friends will find out about your new job, you can block individual states if it is in the US And also in entire countries, depending on the webcam site you work you can even block cities by Postal Code.

10.- If you can customize a bio, include an Amazon wish list! Engaged fans will be happy to buy you gifts, from new underwear to new toys. I've seen some models receive a new $ 1700 Apple computer! dollars . Put the things you want for the show, as well as the things you need for your personal life but don't be too abusive.

11.- You must avoid the use of drugs in your cameras. If it can be disguised as regular tobacco use, more power to you. Anything that involves needles is a clear no-no.

12.- Always keep in mind what is allowed and not allowed on the website you choose to use. Some things to always watch out for and monitor are urination, defecation, vomiting, blood, breastfeeding, blood, and violence. If you're doing a couples show, you should be fine with spanking or you'll be banned immediately.

13.- It is not essential but it is recommended to learn the English language at least to understand it in writing, most of your fans will speak this language so you must be sure that you will understand and understand you.

Additional advice: Reading the contract of the webcam site does not hurt and will save you on more than one occasion.

Now that you are ready to start you can register in any of the following webcam sites, we have listed only the best, if you want you can review the review of the webcam site and in this way decide which one to start 🙂

Recommended webcam sites:

1.- Register in Chaturbate - See Chaturbate review

2.- Register in Bongacams - See review of Bongacams

3.- Register at - See review

4.- Register in Jasmin - See Jasmin's review

5.- Register in Streamate - See Streamate review

6.- Register in Ifriends - See review of Ifriends

7.- Register in Cam4 - (review soon)

8.- Register in Myfreecams - (review coming soon)

9.- Register in Flirt4Free - See review

Webcam models and money pouring out: the best tips for you to properly invest your money!

Many of us have experienced that feeling of joy, uncertainty and great anticipation when having large amounts of money and not knowing, for sure, how we can spend or invest it properly. When times of financial prosperity surprise us, it is very likely that we can make unforgivable mistakes trying to acquire everything we need in just one day without skimping on expenses or thinking, with balance, what are the first needs that we must attack. For a webcam model, it must be difficult, at the beginning of her business, to try to clearly discern between tastes and priorities, since, generally, they are girls from low income, who have never had juicy and attractive dollar accounts before. If you are a successful and lucky camgirl , whose income makes you live like a queen, you should continue reading this post so that you know some tips on how to properly invest your money, throughout your business as a ProKino .

Money to burst! How to invest it wisely?


Before deciding how to invest your money in a conscious and intelligent way, you must establish a list of priorities and immediate expenses that you must attack. First the priorities and then yes, to give yourself the much needed and deserved life that you should enjoy, but how to do it? Let's see:

Health and debt are priority

Try to get out of all the debts that you may have in all places , if you want to start on the right foot and be successful, it is not convenient to have headaches from old debts, more now that you have enough money to pay them off. Schedule an appointment with the doctor and do routine exams and those check-ups that, surely, you have time without having. Remember that the success of your career as a ProKino will also depend on your health .


Education, a primary factor


Remember that being a camgirl gives you enough time and opportunity to do other important activities that can represent, in the long run, important changes in your life. If your desire is to study, you can take the opportunity, now that you have money, to apply and enroll in the best universities in the country, those that were previously inaccessible to you. You can combine being a webcam model with academic and professional studies so that, perhaps, at some point in your life, you decide which of the two activities you want to live with.

Invest in supplies and work items


Money was not made just to be spent, but to multiply it and turn it into substantial additional profits. Something important that you should know is that a successful camgirl must prepare her space with fine and luxurious details, as well as the articles and clothing that she must use in each show or presentation. Invest in your appearance, spend enough to look regal and beautiful every moment. After all, the money you spend on yourself and your workspace will not simply be an expense; It will be a very well made investment, since aesthetics and good taste will be the magnets to attract powerful and millionaire clients, who will continue to fill, vertiginously, your bank accounts.

There are multiple ways to make your money grow, everything will depend on how you want to invest and multiply it; Remember that money was not made just to be spent and just because you live like a princess now does not mean that you should not think about your future or how to get the most out of your business. Being a webcam model gives you everything, to buy the house of your dreams, a luxury car and to travel around the world when you decide. You just have to act and think smart!



Four important reasons why becoming a camgirl is worth it

The world around us is full of material and economic demands that usually put many people at a disadvantage with respect to the achievements they want to achieve or the way of life they really deserve. It is common to meet, on a daily basis, with girls eager to take on the world and progress financially to help their families and to grow both academically and professionally in a society where absolutely everything costs money. Working as a camgirl could be the solution for many girls who want to find a fast and well-paid job, which gives them time to share their business with other responsibilities, which they must carry in parallel with their personal lives. However, although not everything is rosy in this world, as in any other workplace, there are powerful reasons that will help you to enter the world of webcam models and start your own business, let's see four of them:

Juicy and attractive income


Being a ProKino will give you the money you need so that you can attend to your financial needs and save large sums , which you can use when you want to give yourself the luxuries you deserve. Your family will be able to live comfortably, without the need to spend daily work in exploitative jobs or jobs, which do not meet the housing, health, education and food needs of almost any low-income person today. By venturing into the world of webcam models you will be able to see, in record time, how your bank account will begin to burst from the piles of dollars that you will begin to receive quickly and easily.


Prestigious academic development


A webcam model has to be clear that her ProKinoa business will not be a lasting activity that can last throughout her life, that is, you have to know that this business will not allow you to live off it for the rest of your days Why? Perhaps later you want to form a family under the values ​​and moral precepts that this activity does not allow you, perhaps the years will erase that youthful charisma and sympathy that characterizes you or, perhaps you deserve, at some point to leave this world for any other personal reason or health. The important thing is that, if one of your most immediate plans is to study and prepare yourself academically, you can use the money you are going to earn as a webcam model to train at important and prestigious universities , which then allow you to successfully insert yourself in any other work area .


<h2> Increased security and self-esteem </h2>


Being a camgirl gives any girl that air of royalty and exclusivity, that any woman would want to experience, even once in her life. Working as a ProKino will provide you with enviable income , which you can invest, whenever you want, in beauty, clothing, accessories, expensive makeup, designer items and garments, among other things. Who would not feel regal while always looking beautiful? You will be a new woman, full of security and self-esteem, catching glances and breaking hearts wherever you walk.


Excellent quality of life


The high income that this business will bring you will immerse you, from one day to the next, in a world of luxury, prestige and exclusivity, where you can have the life of a true princess; you will eat what you want to eat without having to think about saving money, you will not have to skimp on expenses of any kind and, most importantly, you will no longer restrict yourself in acquiring the things you want or need for yourself and the most precious members of your family .

If you work as a webcam model, you can have the house and car of your dreams, all this without having to work hard during long and enslaving hours of work per day. Remember to train yourself academically in parallel, with this activity; An academic degree could later make another big difference in your life.