In my extensive years of experience as a camgirl, I have had the opportunity to use different camsite platforms , in which I have registered to offer my services and be able to reach thousands of clients around the world. Not all platforms for camgirls are reliable and secure for us to carry out our trade, however, many of them propose serious and responsible offers, in order that we can register and connect efficiently by chat with customers who wish to enjoy our shows. is one of these platforms that inspired me with confidence at first sight, since their payment and service policies favor my economic and monetary aspirations and that every camgirl deserves and can wish for.

In this review I will take the opportunity to tell you about my particular experience working from this platform for camgirls . Not only is among the top best camsite platforms , but it also gives you the opportunity to sign up for it, for just $ 2 so you can get a free account so you can connect and start chatting with thousands of customers around the world. world.

How did I start making money with ?


Something very important regarding the issue of generating money with is that this, more than a platform, is a huge and global community, which even has more than 13,600,000 registered users from all over the world. And why is this so important? Simple and very obvious; since all those users classify as our potential clients . And although, for a newly started webcam model, capturing the attention of these potential clients can be somewhat complicated in the face of the competition, if you prepare well enough and prepare your shows with maturity, responsibility and caution, you will greatly increase your chances of success on this platform.

Likewise, you should also bear in mind that at the minimum payment amount is $ 100 and it is done automatically on Mondays. That is, if you do not accumulate that amount in the week, that Monday you will not receive any payment even if you have $ 99. You must complete the $ 100 and wait until next Monday. The truth is that this has seemed great to me, since I do not need to manage anything to receive my money, I simply do everything possible to get the $ 100 within a week ; goal that I achieve by dedicating only a couple of hours a day to the site.

Another point to consider about is the commission percentages, which range from 50% to 100%. That is, you will receive 50% commission for purchases made on your CAM, 75% for the sales of your Clips , and 100% on all purchases made on your CAM from members you have referred .

In addition, the platform offers you three payment methods . Although one of them works only for US models; which is the payment by direct deposit to your bank account. The second only works for US and Canadian models; which is by checks. And the third method works internationally; what is through FirstChoice Pay . From this payment processor we can credit the money to our local account for a small commission.

Anyway , personally I would not recommend unless you are a camgirl with a medium to high experience, mainly because of the poor support and training it offers to the models. As well as the few payment alternatives, since practically the majority is directed to camgirls residing in the US, and leaves many from other countries without opportunities, unless they resort to FirstChoice Pay in exchange for a commission.

However, the platform works very well as an extra, since it is very easy to get started with and its requirements are minimal. With a few hours a day on the platform, it is enough, I do not recommend exceeding more than 5 hours.

Start making money with today!

With all that amount of potential clients forming part of this platform, believe me if I tell you that with it you can start generating income from today , since your registration process will not take you more than 10 minutes, and if you already have experience in other platforms you can start broadcasting your shows instantly. So don't think twice and start working with , I'm telling you from experience.

Are you looking for other places to work as a webcam model?

Do you want to expand your reception of clients as much as possible through various platforms? Well, don't worry, here I will leave you some recommendations of platforms for camgirls that I myself have used with very good results:

  1. Streamate
  2. Jasmin
  3. Flirt4free
  4. Chaturbate
  5. Myfreecams
  6. Cam4
  7. Qcams has been in business for 18 years, and recommended sites are keeping pace with it, especially flirt4free , which I have also worked with for a long time. These years in the area endow these websites with great reliability and number of users, which translate into a large number of potential clients for us.

I don't think I can say that one is better than the other, since they have differences between them that will make them attractive for some, and not so attractive for others. Explore them and make up your mind!