2022 Marina del Rey Film Festival Festival Celebration of Independent Film

Cover of the Marina del Rey Film Festival 2022 program

Cover of the Marina del Rey Film Festival 2022 program

2022 Marina del Rey Film Festival spotlights independent film screenings in Los Angeles.

MARINA DEL REY, California, USA, Jun 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Marina del Rey Film Festival returned to the big screen this week at the Cinemark 18 and XD theater located on the boardwalk at the Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles. Now in its 11th year, the in-person theatrical event has showcased over 350 films from around the world. The festival kicked off on Friday June 17 and ran until Thursday June 23. Marina del Rey Film Festival is an all-inclusive annual event designed with the primary purpose of providing a forum to bring together filmmakers from diverse cultural backgrounds to share their recent works and recognize local talent. There was a launch party on Thursday, June 16, and a post-party awards show is scheduled for Friday, June 24 at Cinemark 18 and XD theaters.

Below are some featured films:

“A SILENT CALL: CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?”, Directed by: Ana A P. Braunstein; “ALL POINTS BULLETIN”, Directed by: Robert Cantu; “BASEMENT”, Directed by: Robert Rosenbaum; “BILLY KILLS THE INTERNET”, Directed by: Lon Strickland; “CHANGE OF LANE”, Directed by: Carl Hansen; “COWBOY DRIFTER”, Directed by: Michael Lange; “BE FEAR NOT”, Directed by: Matthew Winters; “EMERGENCY MUSICAL RESPONSE”, Directed by: Cosmo Swevens; ‘EMILY OR OSCAR’, Directed by: Christopher Allport; “ALL I CAN”, Directed by: Christopher Armienti; “FAKOV IN AMERICA”, Directed by: Vladimir Lyubushko; ‘FOR DIEGO’, directed by: Miguel Flatow; ‘GIANTS OF THE FOREST’, directed by: Augusta Mariano; “HE’S LATE”, Directed by: Sherry Brown; “I DID, I DID”, Directed by: Michael Caden, Darin Eaton II; “LEXI ZARA: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS”, Directed by: Tamia Dow, Takis Iakovou; “LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE – A FESTIVAL STORY”, Directed by: John Handem Piette; “Millennial Mary Tyler”, directed by: David Schrader; ‘MISSED’, Directed by: Carl Hansen; ‘MY HOME’, Directed by: Mary Elizabeth Boylan; “NIGHTMARE!”, Directed by: Alexandre Mahutte; “NILF”, directed by: Walid Alhamdy; “OPPOSITE DESTINIES”, Directed by: Walther Neto; “PARALLEL HATE”, Directed by: TJ Yoshizaki; “PERIPLANETA”, Directed by: Barbara Peikert; “PIECES OF LIFE”, Directed by: Margaret Sanchez; “PUT YOUR F*ING PHONE DOWN”, Directed by: Jordan Rockwell; “REBOUND SEX”, Directed by: Umari Jason; “THE SECRETS OF SANTA CLAUS”, Directed by: Benjamin Sulds; “SECRETS, DREAMS, FAITH AND WONDER”, Directed by: Stephen Travis Pope; “ST MARTIN DE TOURS”, Directed by: Tony DiMurro, Julie DiMurro; “SWEAT”, Directed by: David Allain; “TECATA”, Directed by: Mario Theodosio Gallegos; “THE ALTORS”, Directed by: Lisa L Wilson, Greg Payton; “THE FLOOR ABOVE”, Directed by: Akis P. Tix; ‘THE REAL DEAL’, Directed by: Mike Anderson; “THE RUNNER”, Directed by: Matthew Ferraro; “THE WOODS”, Directed by: Devin Caldarone; “BE!”, Directed by: Anarelle Mus; “GOAT TOTEM”, Directed by: Jennipher Foster; “TOXIC IMPULSES”, Directed by: Kyle Schadt; “DISCOVERING LIFE”, Directed by: Jean Jonasson; “VOYAGER 2150”, Directed by: Tane McClure; “WINTER LOCKDOWN”, Directed by: Catherine Phillips.

The Marina del Rey Film Festival provides a platform for independent filmmakers from around the world. The Marina del Rey Film Festival screens independent films in high quality screening environments. The Marina del Rey Film Festival was founded by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene. Marina del Rey Film Festival is a registered trademark, for more information please visit marinadelreyfilmfestival.com

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