Looking radiant and beautiful will always be an inescapable requirement of any camgirl who wants to attract prestigious looks and clients . Although many times you want to look fresh and natural on camera, you should always use makeup to create that look you want so much and cover certain details and imperfections that, otherwise, would make you look a bit sloppy. Naturalness is not in showing yourself with a freshly washed and pale face in front of the camera, naturalness is about looking fresh and radiant , with a lit face without excessive makeup that can overshadow the beautiful features that already define you.

Being a webcam model implies adopting different roles and roles that will often merit a complete makeover, including of course makeup. It is not the same to put on makeup for the role of a sweet and innocent schoolgirl, than to act as a sexy and hot nurse. Let's see some tricks and tips that you can put into practice to wear a perfect makeup in your ProKino shows .

How should I wear makeup for my webcam shows?

As we have told you at the beginning of this post, the makeup will depend on the role or role that you are going to play in your show and the outfit you want to wear in each session. However, something very important, regardless of the presentation that you are going to make by ProKinoa, is the application of bases and illuminated powders on your face and neck, this will act as a screen that can cover imperfections, scars or other defects that you may have , giving you a youthful and radiant appearance. You should always try to make your face look like porcelain so that you make a difference, between ordinary girls and you, who now work as a webcam model .

If you have a white or light complexion, you could dare to wear dark lipsticks, as the current fashion trend indicates. This type of lip color is appropriate for girls with fair skin, since if you are brunette or darker in color, it will not have the same effect on your face. A ProKino must learn to analyze her face and features to determine what kind of colors suit her according to her skin color and facial shape.

Before applying the makeup base, you should apply a moisturizing cream on your face, neck and eyes to refresh the skin and prevent makeup from breaking when applying it. Makeup your eyes should be a fundamental rule before each show , it does not matter if you do not print color to other parts of your face, however, the eyes cannot remain pale and careless. Through your gaze you will speak to your clients, that is why you should use mascara, eyeliner, some shadow and makeup to obtain the effects of a deep and penetrating look, the kind that no client can easily avoid.

A webcam girl will also be able to put makeup on some other parts of her body to hide imperfect features, especially on her legs to cover some little spiders or on her arms to cover any allergies or rashes she may have. The important thing before applying makeup in any area is to remember that excess of it will make you look much older and artificial.You don't want them to add years to the ones you already have! Look beautiful and perfect with the right amount of makeup without abusing its properties and benefits.