Webcam shows have become a demonstration of pleasure and creativity, without equal, in recent times. Every time we find more accessories or fetishes that are included in these shows to please customers; accessories of all kinds, from the simplest and most common, to the most bizarre and strange that we have seen. A webcam model must use all kinds of resources and strategies to achieve popularity that will make her become everyone's favorite. What if you let your imagination run wild and discover new ways of acting in front of the camera? Wouldn't you like to be a camgirl, literally full of flavor and fun? In this post we show you how to make the difference between the common, read on and find out.

Can I include food in my camgirl shows? The fun touch you were missing!

Although perhaps, some camgirls may find it strange to include food or food in these shows , we tell you that it is one of the most requested activities by many of the clients of this millionaire business. If you really want to succeed and break the rules, you will have to open yourself to new possibilities to become a versatile and creative web model , you will have to add that different touch to your shows that is missing, then why not add a little flavor and enjoy this new experience? Let's see what foods you can use and what strategies you can use to play with them.


Some long and thick vegetables such as bananas, carrots, aubergines, cucumbers, among others, will be ideal to replace some toys that you can use to give yourself pleasure during the show.You will make your fans explode with ecstasy!

Sweets and desserts

Sweet foods are one of the most precious and exciting foods to add sensuality to your web sessions. We recommend small fruits such as strawberries, cherries, grapes and even bananas that you can chop up and put them in strategic parts of your body. Chocolate, in a bar or syrup will also be a good idea, alone or combined, with milk cream or some other thick and viscous cream that can roll over your exotic figure.The most famous web models use them!


Milk, juices, sodas, even wines, beer or some other liquor, will always be ideal to play sploshing. By pouring them on your body, you will reveal the most precious secrets that you hide in your underwear.

Salty food

These types of foods may seem weirder when trying to include them in shows, however, many customers are excited to watch you masterfully place a piece of pasticho, French fries, stew or some type of salad on your body.

It is not the food you use, but the attitude and mastery with which you include it in your presentations. A true webcam model must know how to handle food delicately, insert it into her mouth with exciting gestures; sucking your fingers with sensuality and playing for a while with food in key parts of your body, will make your clients never forget you and always ask for a little more of your attention.

What about kitchen utensils? Can I include them too?

Of course you do, the more different and explosive details you include, the better your show will be. You can include kitchen utensils such as pans to gently tap your buttocks or do anything else with their handles; everything always to your creativity and imagination. Likewise, large spoons, spatulas, jars or bottles could also be useful in case you want to make a difference and play an explosive girl chef role. Always think about making a difference and being unique, being a ProKino requires initiative, security and originality; clear if you really want to succeed.