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If you are on this page it is because you are just starting to be a ProKino or you are interested in being a camgirl or a camboy. If you don't know what being a ProKino is, let's start there.

ProKino or webcam model , is an actor or video actress who performs a streaming or live transmission through his webcam. A ProKino either camgirl (for girls) or camboy (for boys) can earn money by performing sexual acts like nudity, masturbation or sex. However, being a ProKino is not limited to that, since you can also earn money by chatting, playing video games, doing cosplays or a combination of everything, although an erotic camgirl earns much more than one that only smiles, for example.

Who can work as a ProKino or webcam model?

Well you will see basically anyone who wants to broadcast live can be a ProKino . Many people have the wrong idea that to be a webcam model you need to be handsome and have a great physique, we are going to be physically attractive, but that is not the case.

The basic rules to be a ProKino is to be over 18 years old and be daring, since shyness will not help you at all to be a webcam star .

It does not matter if you are tall, girl, thin, obese, if you are 18 or if you are 50, if you are transsexual or boy, everyone is welcome to the webcam world and every type of person has their audience.

How much can I earn as a ProKino?

In this industry you will earn more if you manage to increase your number of fans and viewers in your chat room, new models can easily earn more than $ 200 US dollars a week, but there are also professional models that earn more than 100,000 dollars a year, even There are ProKinos who earn more than a million, it all depends on your commitment to this job and the time you dedicate to it.

Great, what do I need to get started as a webcam model?

The basic requirements to start working as a webcam model are:

  • Be of legal age in your country and have an ID
  • Have a bank account / ewallet in your name (where you will receive your earnings)
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Cell Phone (whatever you will use to connect to the internet)
  • Internet (good and stable connection)
  • Webcam (good streaming quality)
  • Nice atmosphere to broadcast live.

How good do I have everything, now what? Basic tips to get started

1.- If you have the basic requirements and you want to start, but you have never done something similar, the first advice I give you is to practice in private, make video calls to friends, family, you could use Skype or Omegle to talk and lose your fear in front of the camera, remember be extroverted.

2.- You should be speaking at the beginning of your show and in all your shows. Especially early in your career, you should give members who have never seen you a reason to stay with you. Having personality and talking to them while they write to you really makes people stick around. Stay upbeat too, move around a bit, but try to stay on camera.

3. Make sure to smile and act friendly. This welcomes new members. Most viewers only need the company of one person, so if you're friendly and smile, they'll stick around. If someone greets you in chat, do your best to acknowledge it. Always focus on your public chat. You can't neglect users trying to pay you!

4. Make sure you provide the best equipment you can. High-quality streaming shows visitors that you have experience, and you really care about what you do. Also, set up the camera and everything before you start streaming. Nobody wants a model that constantly adjusts its camera all the time or that the connection is lost.

5.- Try to establish a schedule of when you will be online and try to stay online for at least 3 hours when you start. It provides members who like to come back and offers them a window where they can get more followers. Before disconnecting, try to say goodbye minutes before and inform them when will be the next time you are online.

6.- Most websites allow you to put a custom room theme. Do it! If you are independent, let people know their tip prices for different screens. Also include a goal, which also serves as a score and whatever action you plan to take when the goal is reached, there are camgirls who play games like roulette to determine the goal and action to take for example.

7.- You should never complain about not receiving tips! Avoid begging for tips as well. This emits a negative vibe and causes many viewers to leave. If you are not meeting your token goals, try a different approach. Members don't come to websites to be called cheap, they feel accepted and hang out.

8.- Always remember that you are in the last control of your chat room. If someone is constantly harassing or teasing you after you've asked to stop, you can block them!

9.- If you are worried that your family or friends will find out about your new job, you can block individual states if it is in the US And also in entire countries, depending on the webcam site you work you can even block cities by Postal Code.

10.- If you can customize a bio, include an Amazon wish list! Engaged fans will be happy to buy you gifts, from new underwear to new toys. I've seen some models receive a new $ 1700 Apple computer! dollars . Put the things you want for the show, as well as the things you need for your personal life but don't be too abusive.

11.- You must avoid the use of drugs in your cameras. If it can be disguised as regular tobacco use, more power to you. Anything that involves needles is a clear no-no.

12.- Always keep in mind what is allowed and not allowed on the website you choose to use. Some things to always watch out for and monitor are urination, defecation, vomiting, blood, breastfeeding, blood, and violence. If you're doing a couples show, you should be fine with spanking or you'll be banned immediately.

13.- It is not essential but it is recommended to learn the English language at least to understand it in writing, most of your fans will speak this language so you must be sure that you will understand and understand you.

Additional advice: Reading the contract of the webcam site does not hurt and will save you on more than one occasion.

Now that you are ready to start you can register in any of the following webcam sites, we have listed only the best, if you want you can review the review of the webcam site and in this way decide which one to start 🙂

Recommended webcam sites:

1.- Register in Chaturbate - See Chaturbate review

2.- Register in Bongacams - See review of Bongacams

3.- Register at - See review

4.- Register in Jasmin - See Jasmin's review

5.- Register in Streamate - See Streamate review

6.- Register in Ifriends - See review of Ifriends

7.- Register in Cam4 - (review soon)

8.- Register in Myfreecams - (review coming soon)

9.- Register in Flirt4Free - See review

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