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Tricks to show off perfect hair in your webcam shows: some tips

A camgirl should always look flawless and beautiful , from head to toe. Although sometimes you try to do everything you can to keep your hair in good condition, avoiding the use of the iron and the dryer in excess, sometimes it is not possible to hit, with the appropriate treatment to look spectacular. Hair is like a smile, that is, your letter of introduction to an important meeting for the first time. The more neat and groomed it looks, the better the impression you'll make and the hearts you'll break across the screen as a ProKino .

Many web models who are starting in this business, make the mistake of not paying as much attention to hair care, mistakenly believing that the body is more important than other details of their appearance. Many neglect color, texture, shape, cut and hydration, showing off hair of terror. If you don't want to be one of these rookie ProKinos , follow these tips and get ready to show off a spectacular mane.

Hydrated and impeccably groomed hair - just the way a true camgirl should look!

As we have been saying, the hair will be the final touch that gives light and illumination to your face , apart from the makeup you choose to wear in your shows, however if you do not know how you can wear great hair to captivate your clients even more, follow the following tips, which will give you an aura of a true royal princess.

<h3> Avoid constantly using the iron, curling iron or hair dryer </h3>

We know that it is necessary, sometimes that you use one of these beauty appliances to give a different touch to your look, however the indiscriminate use of them will make, no matter how hard you make, you look dry, dull and damaged hair. view of your most exclusive customers. It's not worth risking that much, when your reputation as a camgirl doll is at stake. If their imminent use is necessary, you should make sure that they are of a very good brand so that they do not cause such significant and rapid damage to your hair. Working as a webcam model will require you to have beautiful hair just like that of a fairytale princess.

Moisturizes hair constantly

The shine will not come by itself to your hair, if you do not take the time to hydrate and pamper it with professional brand products or simply natural treatments. Although natural treatments sometimes take longer to show their effects, they are not invasive or cause as much impact on your pocket. You can try applying masks to your hair made with honey, yogurt, lemon, rosemary, aloe vera, avocado, among other products that will make you look spectacular. The most important thing is that you remember to hydrate your hair at least once a week or even up to twice , if you have thick, dry and dull hair.

Choose the hair color, cut and hairstyle that best suits your face and skin tone

Sometimes we insist on wearing the look that is in fashion, regardless of whether it really looks us or not. Don't make big mistakes like these, a webcam model should always look great . Do not get haircuts that do not suit your face, if you want to cut it and give it a different look, consult a professional first who will guide you as to the color that suits you best and the most appropriate way to style it. Remember that the more natural you look, the more attractive you will be in the eyes of your clients.

The most important thing is that you remember that in the same way as you take care of your body, you must attend and take care of your hair. Being a camgirl is a way of life, which translates into the best style and appearance you can show .

How to have explosive and true orgasms in your live shows? tips for camgirls in action

It is often common to hear the comments or opinions of people assuring that it is impossible for a camgirl to enjoy every moment of her shows and feel the pleasure that she supposedly experiences in front of the camera. However, these opinions are unfounded when we know that many girls obviously manage to enjoy their work and feel on top of heaven by touching that exact point, which makes them the most desired web models in this virtual world . Some webcam girls believe that they manage to deceive their clients by faking an orgasm, and that is that the more acted and manufactured it is, the more artificial it will be. A natural orgasm is spontaneously reflected on the girl's face and in the sound it produces , transmitting that pleasure immediately, through her eyes and gestures, but how to have explosive orgasms in front of the camera? If working as a camgirl is your business and you want to increase your list of clients, pay attention to the recommendations that we suggest below.

Live camgirl orgasms, myth or reality?

Reality without any kind of fiction or contrived fabrication! Of course, it is possible to have live orgasms if you are a camgirl and you have a client on your computer screen eager to enjoy, virtually, your creativity and attributes. To reach this level of ecstasy while you work, you just have to follow the following tips:

Porn movies

Enjoying the hottest sessions of some porn movies will prepare your body so that it is ready to receive pleasure and capture the most daring sensations with greater ease. It will also provide you with the perfect lubrication to start your romp in front of the camera. An excited ProKino will perform her role better! Trust us, your customers will love you.

Concentration and security

There is nothing more detrimental to reaching orgasm than distraction or lack of concentration. As a webcam model , you must feel desired and sure of yourself, firmly believe that you are the most beautiful and desired woman in the world, especially the client you have on screen. If you feel beautiful and focus on your moment (that moment that will make you fill with juicy dollars) there will be no impediment for you to enjoy a good orgasm.


Don't be shy about doing anything that can make you orgasm easily; If you want to talk indecently with your client, scream with pleasure, move to your liking, use toys and unimaginable positions, break the taboos and feel with the full power to bring out the best feelings from your interior You can be sure that your client will also explode your most forbidden wishes!


When you close your eyes, you can imagine an exciting moment that you have lived at some point, think of that boy who makes you explode, imagine how you melt into his body and what hot things the two of them could do! Dominate your body with your imagination, everything is in the mind, you can do wonderful things with it!

The pleasure that a camgirl can provide herself will radiate even the most sensual and sensitive fibers of her client; If each orgasm will translate into money, imagine how juicy your bank account will become. A real temptation!