100 years ago in Spokane: movie set in downtown attracts large crowds


A crowd of hundreds blocked downtown sidewalks to watch a film crew from local Minnehaha studios shoot a two-reel comedy.

“Several police officers were on hand to hold back the crowd and give the players a chance to pose,” the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported. “By the way, during the ‘shooting’ several members of the staff of the (Old National) bank, emerging through the doors, were ‘smashed’. “

The scene was filmed at the entrance to the bank.

“Miss Evelyn Ross Edmiston of comedy fame Christie, and AE Houchins, the lead man, created a lot of fun among the viewers as they walked through their silent lines,” the newspaper said.

It was only a short topic, but Minnehaha Studios were planning much bigger productions with the arrival of Nell Shipman, already a movie star. His first production would be a “Mighty Western Story” titled “The Grub Stake”, in seven reels.

“The wildlife and bird zoo that she brings to Spokane will be housed on the grounds of the Minnehaha studio, where it will be open to the public at all times,” said WW Philbrick, of the studio.

The menagerie is said to include pumas, eagles, owls, crows, bears, elk, deer, wolves, lynxes, wild cats, foxes, possums, raccoons, desert rats and skunks.

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