10 Things That Never Made Sense About The 1966 Batman Movie


Inspired by the renewed success of the 1943 Batman series, 20th Century Fox decided to produce a new Batman movie based on the simulcast show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Originally planned as a pilot film for the series, the film instead became a companion film to the TV show, taking place between the first and second seasons.

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With series writer Lorenzo Semple Jr. penning the screenplay and Leslie H. Martinson directing the film, this Batman movie attempted to translate the show’s campy, frivolous tone to the big screen. Although the film managed to create a fun and engaging adventure for audiences, it sacrificed its consistency, logic, and believability to ridicule, humor, and social criticism.

ten Bruce drinks milk during his dinner

Sure, Batman is meant to be a role model for kids, like on the show, but Bruce drinking milk at a romantic dinner with Miss Kitka (Catwoman) is ridiculously unexpected. He even drinks it out of a cognac glass.

Although the scene was ironic (Cat and Milk), there really was no reason the movie had to show him drinking milk. The mood of the scene was supposed to be romantic, so why spoil the mood with this weird addition? Nothing says romance or crime-fighting more than drinking milk and eating cookies.

9 Villains wear useless masks when committing crimes

When the Riddler, Joker, Penguin, and Catwoman break into United World headquarters, they attempt to disguise themselves and hide their identities by wearing domino masks, similar to Robin’s. The masks alone hide little of their true identity since they wear them with their thematic costumes.

Catwoman wears a black jumpsuit; Joker’s face is full of makeup and his costume is bright purple; the Riddler has a huge question mark on his chest, and the penguin walks and talks like a human penguin. Both the Gotham City Police Department and Batman know what they look like, so having the masks seems like unnecessary merchandise.

8 The navy sold one of its boats to the penguin

The circumstances surrounding the US Navy’s sale of the Penguin, one of their pre-atomic submarines, were theatrical but deeply absurd. The portrayal of the navy in the film was meant to be a political stunt since the navy was portrayed as being grossly incompetent, but it’s a bit too ridiculous even for satire.

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Batman calls the Navy directly, essentially asking for a salesman’s bill. The Navy officer tells Batman that they sold the submarine to someone, obviously someone whose name sounds like the Penguin, who didn’t even leave their full address. Batman rebukes the officer and then hangs up.

7 Batman doesn’t do the job in the end

After the climactic final battle, Commodore Schmidlapp smashes the test tubes with the salty remains of the Security Council and sneezes, scattering the remains. Batman is then presumably tasked with rounding up the delegates. After seemingly succeeding, he gives Robin a lengthy lecture on why they shouldn’t alter these men’s features.

The Dynamic Duo then return to the United World building and rehydrate the delegates, only to find that their minds are now scattered. Batman says maybe it’s better and leaves. In other words, he took a job, delivered an inferior product, and then called it a day. He doesn’t even offer to fix his mistake.

6 The Batboat is left unattended at the dock

Considering all the high-tech and expensive equipment Batman has, it’s puzzled why Batman would leave the Batboat at the dock unattended. Any of his rogues (or other civilians) galleries could do some serious damage with the Batboat and all the gadgets stored on the watercraft.

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He keeps his Batmobile locked in the Batcave, the batplane is in a hangar under the care of a flight crew, and the shrubbery hides the batpod. Why shouldn’t he have some kind of protection for his boat? Gotham City practically works for him, and it’s different enough from Batman to overlook his strengths.

5 Villains don’t realize Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person…even though it’s obvious

In the film, Batman’s enemies attempt to get rid of him, once and for all, by attempting to lure him into a trap at their headquarters, Ye Olde Benbow Tavern (an allusion to Treasure Island). They wanted to seduce Bruce Wayne, i.e. kidnap him and ask Batman to save him.

After kidnapping Wayne, the villains are puzzled as to why the Caped Crusader didn’t show up. They never made the connection. Bruce’s kidnapping is printed in all the media and Batman goes silent at the same time. Not to mention that these villains fought Batman countless times and somehow didn’t equate Bruce’s fighting skills with Batman’s.

4 Batman and Robin let the Penguin into the Batcave without checking him out first

After safely disposing of the bomb, Batman and Robin encounter the Penguin disguised as Commodore Schmidlapp, though Batman and Robin see through his impersonation. After some discussion, Batman decides to take him to the Batcave, but only after Batman sprays him with knockout gas. However, unusually, Batman does not check if the Penguin has any weapons or tools on him.

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Batman could have put himself, Robin and Alfred in danger if the Penguin had some type of weapon. When they arrive at the Batcave, the Penguin pulls out a jumble of tubes to rehydrate his thugs, and he somehow manages to sneak it all in without Batman or Robin noticing.

3 There are a lot of kisses in the movie

Although the film was aimed at a teenage audience, it was significantly more mature than its TV counterpart. The movie makes indirect political statements, Batman deals with more realistic issues, and finally, there’s a lot of kissing. It was almost as if the movie was going out of its way to include two couples kissing passionately.

The opening scene depicts a couple passionately kissing in the dark before showing the opening dedications. Later in the film, Catwoman goes to the bar and the camera pans to show a bar fight with lovers locking lips. Batman also encounters a kissing couple on a gondola while trying to get rid of the bomb. Even Catwomen, under the alias of Miss Kitka, and Bruce Wayne share a kiss. In short, there are a lot of useless canoods in the movie.

2 Batman and Robin decide to run to the United Nations World Security Council meeting instead of taking transportation

After their helicopter is blown out of the sky, Batman and Robin must find another way to get to United World headquarters to stop the bad guys from kidnapping the Security Council delegates. Robin brilliantly suggests that they commandeer a car, but Batman instead suggests that they run to the United World Building, as, according to him, they are in excellent physical condition.

Unless there’s nonsensical traffic or Batman and Robin are superhumans, running isn’t nearly as fast as picking up a car. No matter how fit Robin and Batman are, running seems like the worst transportation option available to them. Moreover, rolling up before a fight can only lead to disaster.

1 A porpoise saves Batman and Robin

With Batman and Robin incapacitated on the magnetic buoy (thanks to their magnetic belts), Penguin, Joker and the Riddler send torpedoes to finish them off. Batman remotely detonates the first two; however, his Frequency Jammer runs out of battery before he can dispose of the last. The torpedo explodes and the bad guys see an empty buoy.

The next scene shows Batman and Robin safely on their Batboat returning to dock. Robin reflects on the incident and commemorates the heroic porpoise who sacrificed himself to save Batman and Robin. Batman then tells Robin that the porpoises are remarkably intelligent creatures and that his sacrifice allowed them to continue their mission. A porpoise smart enough to sacrifice himself, knowing that Batman and Robin were trapped, is a bit far-fetched, even for this version of Batman.

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8 Things That Never Made Sense About Batman Forever

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