10 things that need to happen in the Netflix movie, according to Reddit


BioShock is one of the most famous games of the 21st century due to its phenomenal storytelling, and since it could make for a great sci-fi horror movie, Netflix is ​​developing just that. Although Netflix doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to its original movies, BioShock is a franchise so rich in thought-provoking philosophical concepts that it could be awesome.

However, fans of the video game series are very protective of it, and another cheap video game movie that isn’t faithful to the source material is the last thing they want. Between telling the origin of Rapture, making Elizabeth the main character, and foregoing the main narratives of the DLC storylines, Redditors have a long list of demands.


Make BioShock a prequel

There’s so much history in the city of Rapture, and many would say the events leading up to when BioShock takes place are far more interesting than the premise of the game. That’s why What’s New in Socks think it would be better if the movie was a prequel to the video game.

The Redditor explains, “Talk about Rapture before the game starts. Let’s see Rapture and its downfall. Putting games on the big screen never works.” The related novel, BioShock: Rapturedetails the creation of Rapture and the civil war in the city that led to its destruction, so there’s already material and lore on which a prequel could be based.

Guillermo Del Toro is set to lead BioShock

A ton of directors could make a big BioShock movie, but Vincent_adultman98 think the project needs an author’s vision. The Redditor postulates: “Guillermo Del Toro is the only person I would really trust with a Bishop movie. Anyone else and I are going to be worried that we’ve never done a big budget movie or that it will be too much. cookie cutter.” The director has already shown how he can shoot underwater sequences full of practical effects with both The shape of water and Hellboy. Del Toro is also excellent at creating eerie atmospheres, which makes the BioShock so interesting game.

Del Toro apparently has a decent relationship with Netflix, as he directed the next stop-motion Pinocchio, which is an exclusive for the streaming service, so it’s not the most unlikely possibility when it comes to directors’ choices. Unfortunately, hope the Hellboy director of the film are lost, since Francis Lawrence was announced as director. However, Gore Verbinski was attached to directing before him, and it fell through.

BioShock sets have to be special

Pauliewotsit thinks that settings and locations are of major importance when it comes to a video game movie. The Redditor notes, “I just can’t wait to see the sets.” Unfortunately, most sets are no longer practical. If a movie is set in a fantasy location, it’s usually shot on a soundstage in front of a green screen, because it’s more cost effective.

However, with a visionary director like del Toro behind the camera, the film would absolutely have incredible production value. They would make Rapture look like a cross between Titanic’s great dining room and a dystopian future like madmaxwhich is exactly the approach Netflix should take.

BioShock Should Feature Other Cities

Pearls galore think the movie should delve into the history of the threequel video game, Bioshock Infinite. The setting of the video game is almost the opposite of the first two games, as it takes place in a city in the sky as opposed to underwater. The ending reveals that there are tons of these fantasy towns in many different realities, and the Redditor thinks the movie should explore that concept.

User notes: “If it’s just one movie, I don’t see how it can only be one. There must be at least two or three with the length of the story and also the other cities.” If Netflix were to explore Infinite, it absolutely should be in a sequel. There are many examples of studios trying to cram so much into a single movie only to have it fail, like The dark towerso it would be better if Netflix just adapted one movie at a time.

Focus on BioShock: the characters of Infinite

Larini_vjetrovi don’t think there has to be any preparation Infinite whatever and that the adaptation should focus on the three characters instead of Jack in the original game. The Redditor quashes, “The third one would be great to adapt since we have two great characters who are constantly together.”

In all honesty, Jack is actually an incredibly boring character, especially compared to Infinite Booker and Elizabeth, part of one of the best escort quests in video game history. The two have great chemistry, unique personalities, and they both stand to gain something from the adventure, which would make for such an engaging film. However, the final act of Infinite wouldn’t be half as effective without the first BioShock.

Melissa Collazo should play Elizabeth

Few Redditors considered who would be cast as Jack, Booker, or any of the other video game characters. However, ScarOnTheCity has a specific actor in mind to play Elizabeth if Netflix adapts the third game.

The Redditor wants to see Melissa Collazo in the role, noting, “I think Melissa Collazo would make a great Elizabeth – I’m specifically thinking of her in one of us is lying, I think of the prom episode where her hair is wavy and short. Her aesthetic and features gave me a modern-day Elizabeth.” Collazo certainly looks the part, and she has the dramatic range to play the character when she’s innocent at the start of the game and when secrets are revealed about her. mid Road.

BioShock should be based on Buried Sea

Since there are so many stories to unpack when it comes to developing the film adaptation, Treythelunchtray think the movie shouldn’t be based on any of the three games, but on Infinite downloadable content. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea is a two-part expansion pack for the threequel that mixes elements from each of the games, creating a strange alternate reality.

The Redditor posits, “What if it happened like the plot of Buried at sea? The backdrop of the Bioshock I think this movie would make a great movie.” The game is based on 1940s film noir, as it features Booker as a detective and Elizabeth as a femme fatale, and it’s set in Rapture before the events of the first game. an interesting concept, it would be a difficult concept for non-gamers to grasp.

BioShock should be disturbing

Darthabler emphasizes the fact that BioShock is actually an extremely scary game, and it’s also a jump scary game. Players forget that, as Infinite wasn’t as terrifying. But the Redditor thinks the original’s disturbing elements should be faithfully adapted, noting, “Would love to see someone like Alex Garland direct it. Does well with disturbing settings and more subtle/philosophical subject matter.”

The filmmaker is known for Ex-Machina, Annihilationand Menso given his filmography of spooky outings, he might nail the atmosphere of BioShock too. And like fire watch is in the same universe as BioShockthe movie could crossover with sci-fi horror to double the chill factor.

It should be similar to the lighthouse

This user thinks the Netflix movie should be influenced by 2019’s black-and-white psychological horror Lighthouse, which is about two lighthouse keepers who are slowly losing their minds. The Redditor explains, “If the folks behind Lighthouse or similar people did that, I’d be a lot more hyped because I was seeing like black and white images of fan casting options.”

The Redditor most likely makes the connection as headlights are an important element in the BioShock Games. This is where games first meet Jack BioShock, and the Lighthouse concept is what leads to Infinite’s shocking ending. However, a film directed by Robert Eggers BioShock The movie might be the most unique blockbuster movie ever made.

BioShock Should Be About Minerva’s Lair

just like Buried at Sea, Minerva’s Den is not part of the main games but is DLC. Den of Minerva is an extension of BioShock 2, which is not mentioned as much as the original and third-party games. However, while the follow-up is more of a continuation of the first game than the epic sequel that is Infinite, Den of Minerva is a fascinating story in itself, and Neohx_7 think that should be the basis of the movie.

The Redditor notes, “I think an adaptation of Minerva’s Den would be interesting as a standalone story that doesn’t need to get bogged down in expectations of telling a story about Ryan, Tennenbaum, Suchong, Fountaine, etc. ” The game is about a man who wants to recreate Rapture on the surface, and it’s surprisingly emotional and morbid for a video game, not to mention the DLC, and it would make for a great Cronenberg-style Shakespearean tragedy.

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