10 filmmakers who should make the next James Bond film, according to Reddit


Like No time to die Daniel Craig’s James Bond arc perfectly came together, where MGM decides to take the character next, that’s to be guessed. Whether the studio continues on the path of a more entrenched Leap or revisits the show’s more campy adventures, all fans can do is debate what will happen next.

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But there’s a ton of debate, and the second most common debate after who should be cast as James Bond is who should lead. Link 26. Redditors have a lot of strong opinions on who should helm the next 007 movie, and they range from totally predictable like Martin Campbell to surprisingly original like Edgar Wright.

ten Martin campbell

James Bond on the phone in a Miami airport at the Casino Royale

It seems that it has become a tradition for Martin Campbell to direct each actor’s first James Bond film in 007. As ElSnarker points out, Campbell “successfully reinvented Bond twice,” while the filmmaker directed Golden eye and Casino Royale.

Since Campbell directed both of these films, he has proven he can adapt to modern film trends, and Casino Royale remains Daniel Craig Bond’s highest rated film on IMDb. Whichever direction the studio decides to take the character in next, Campbell could do it because he’s one of the more established directors for hire without being a full-fledged writer.

9 Christophe nolan

christophe nolan

It seems that whatever property is under development, people want Christopher Nolan’s name attached to it, and Redditors even want Nolan to run. Spider-Man 4. And now OrwinBeane approaches the debate wisely, noting that Nolan “has a proven track record of success and her fan base is large and loyal. It will make money and be a hit.”

Nolan is one of the most beloved and requested directors, and while he’s working hard on his Oppenheimer biopic, he’s best known for reinventing Batman. Ironically, if it hadn’t been for Nolan Batman begins prompting the entire industry to invest so much in dark, grainy reboots, fans probably wouldn’t have had Casino Royale.


8 Matt reeves

Matt Reeves directs Robert Pattinson in The Batman.

Although most Redditors have gone with established film writers who have an easily recognizable visual style, Mr_Witty_Name thinks that “anyone with a distinctive style or a truly recognizable voice is a bad idea.” They make a good point by explaining that it should look like a Bond movie and not like “X guy adopts a Bond movie”. However, despite that, they still pick Matt Reeves to lead the next entry.

Although Reeves isn’t mentioned as much as Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino, he is becoming a household name. And The batman will confirm that while he’s as great as it looks, as it’s one of the most anticipated superhero movies of 2022. But despite his own idiosyncrasies as a director, he would still shoot in a big Bond film.

seven Tim burton

Tim burton frankenweenie

It looks like Bond and Batman go hand in hand, and there’s sort of a connection that if a director made a great Batman movie, they must be able to make a great 007 film too. Burton directed the years 1989 Batman, but it looks like Alexandertheape wants the gothic filmmaker to direct Bond for other reasons. The Redditor says simply but outrageously, “Let’s go supernatural.”

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In fact, although this is a spy franchise, the James bond the series has never been too far removed from the supernatural. So it would be fascinating to see the show go deeper into uncharted territory and explore the idea of ​​supernatural elements, even if done in a subtle way.

6 Sam raimi

Doc Ock stands on a surgical table in Spider-Man 2.

Sam Raimi is another go-to director for studios looking to build a franchise, as the filmmaker has led along evil Dead series, and he made the first Spider Man trilogy too. And while he’s a pro for the studio, MambaMentaIity wants Raimi to make the next one 007 movie because “it would be refreshing to go back to a campy-style Bond.”

The idea sounds great, as it could reach the country heights of films directed by Roger Moore, but Raimi would direct it in such a captivating way that he wouldn’t be laughed at. And since Raimi comes from a horror background, it would be great to see some James Bond action sequences done in an almost creepy way, like the terrifying surgery scene in Spider-man 2.

5 James cameron

Avatar 2 bts James Cameron Edie Falco in a human submarine

It would be difficult to work with James Cameron as he is infamous for the strict working conditions on his sets, but it still makes him some of the most gripping and exciting event films of all time. That focus and energy on a Bond film could create some of the show’s most engaging action scenes to date.

Willdaswabbit cites how great Cameron is when working on sequels, explains why it would be great to direct Link 26. The Redditor postulates that the director “could take the central Bond themes and produce a super exciting Bond film,” which is exactly what he did with Aliens and Terminator 2.

4 Yann Demange

Gary Hook patrolling the streets of Belfast with a gun in 71

Not all picks have to be a director with several successful hits under their belt. MGM could copy Marvel Studios’ approach to hiring directors, as the superhero studio hires filmmakers primarily from independent films. Before Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jon Watts had directed the thriller on a budget Cop car, and before Black Widow, Cate Shortland had only directed romantic dramas like Perilous leap.

Yann Demange has only directed one historical war drama and crime thriller, but la_vida_loca believes that even if he only works with small budgets, he would make a great Bond director. The Redditor notes that ’71 “is one of the most tense movies I have seen in a few years”, proving that the director has what it takes to make a Bond film as memorable as The golden finger Where Fall from the sky.

3 David Fincher

rooney mara and daniel craig in the girl with the dragon tattoo

Although the director hasn’t made a thriller in years, David Fincher is one of the most famous thriller directors of all time, and he almost looks like a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock. DeepRoy69 thinks Fincher is the perfect candidate for the next Bond film, explaining that he’s “been consistently taking him out of the park since the 90s.”

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Fincher is also good at leading the action, whether it’s the explosive bike chase in The girl with the dragon tattoo or the disturbing fights in Fight club. And if MGM wants to continue down the darker, more realistic path, there is no better choice than Fincher.

2 Chad Stahelski

Trinity's husband Chad in Matrix Resurrections

Based on the huge success of the John wick series and how impressive the action sequences are, more stunt coordinators should move on to directing. Chad Stahelski was a stunt coordinator on tons of movies from the late 90s and 2000s, including The matrix, which is why the action in his directorial endeavor is so great. It’s also why a Bond film directed by Stahelski might have the best action in the series yet.

BobdaWalrus notes that not only would the action be amazing, but they also point out that “the second John wick has shown that it can also make the corner of places / chic lifestyle. “But on top of that, Stahelski at the helm would surely make a great narrative too, and maybe even create a moral dilemma. John Wick is clearly a hero, but he also blurs the line between being a hero and a villain, and this could be explored with the character of James Bond.

1 Edgar wright

Edgar Wright on the set of Baby Driver

Crabfight thinks Edgar Wright would be a great choice for the next 007 movie. It seems unlikely, as Wright has left pre-production for The ant Man due to creative differences with the studio, so it would be hard to believe he would appreciate MGM’s studio notes.

But Wright’s hallmarks, such as the frenetic energy in the action scenes and the unique use of music, would be such a new take on the series, especially since even parts of the portrayal of Craig seem a little bland. However, the Redditor also believes that hiring Wright could be detrimental to the series, as they “doubt he will ever make more than one, and whoever they get next would just try to emulate the style and fail. “. While this may be true, it’s worth getting a single Edgar Wright Bond with baby diverkinetic action scenes, Warm down‘s comic snap, and Last night in Sohoflourishes visually.

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