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First impressions are important, and so is a movie that audiences pay to watch. The beginning of a film should perfectly convey the film’s genre, introduce the characters and important plot elements, and most importantly, keep the audience engaged.

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Many films achieve this by starting with an action sequence. A well-executed fight scene or chase is a surefire way to grab the audience’s attention and keep it there long enough for the movie’s plot to really begin. With so many films taking this approach, some stand out above the rest for their quality opening sequences.

ten Avengers: Infinity War forces Thanos to decimate Asgard and crush the Hulk

Thanos outwits the Hulk in a fistfight Avengers Infinity War

Before the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos had become something of a joke in the eyes of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. This was mainly because he had waited several movies before declaring “I’m going to do it myself” to begin his quest for the Infinity Stones. At the end of the very first scene of Infinity Warhe was no longer a joke.

The scene opens with a distress signal from Statesman, before showing the Children of Thanos going through a massacre. Over the next few minutes, Thanos coldly defeats Thor, kills Loki and Heimdall, and defeats the Hulk in a brutal one-on-one fight. A series of gripping scenes that fully establish the threat of Thanos, the film’s opening left audiences stunned.

9 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Disappoints After Story-Spreading Credits Streak

Logan goes into battle in the movie Civil War X-Men Origins: Wolverine

After a short prelude about Wolverine’s childhood, X-Men Origins: Wolverine cuts to an engaging credits sequence, showing a montage of Logan and his brother, Victor, fighting through America’s wars. Brilliantly cutting between shots of them in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and Vietnam, the film establishes a hundred years of history and establishes the film’s central relationship.

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The consensus is that the rest of the movie doesn’t live up to the promise of its opening sequence. After three minutes of perfectly shot action, the rest of the film involves a somewhat boring and confusing plot, with many unpopular story choices. Viewers found themselves wishing they could watch an extended version of the opening sequence instead.

8 Baby Driver opens with a brilliantly shot car chase

Baby Driver opens the chase scene

baby driver establishes its premise, humor, and central gimmick in its opening minutes. The opening scene depicts a bank robbery, but rather than focusing on the crime itself, the shot remains on escape driver Baby as he lip-syncs to a song. When the rest of the crew returns, Baby chases them away.

What follows is several minutes of a car chase with much-loved cinematography, stunts, and direction. Although not baby driver best action sequence, it’s a solid sequence that immediately sets off the tone of the film.

seven No Time to Die opens with an ambush

James Bond fights through Mantera on a motorbike in the movie No Time to Die

no time to die, Daniel Craig’s latest effort as James Bond, appears to open quietly, with Bond visiting Matera alongside his girlfriend, Madeleine Swann. However, when Bond visits the grave of former flame Vesper Lynd, a SPECTER bomb goes off and assassins emerge from the woodwork.

The rest of the scene is one of the longest chases ever seen in a Bond film and the longest pre-credits sequence of any. It includes a motorcycle chase – complete with an impressive jump – a car battle and emotional drama as Bond thinks Madeleine betrayed him. Fans describe it as a strong opening that sets up a strong movie.

6 The Fellowship of the Ring opens with a climactic battle

Friends face off in the opening scene of Fellowship of the Ring Lord of the Rings

the the Lord of the Rings the trilogy is beyond doubt of its magnitude in its first moments. After showing the forging of the Rings of Power, the film shows an epic battle along the slopes of Mount Doom with thousands of people on either side.

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As well as introducing key concepts of Middle-earth, Sauron, the line of Isildur, the Rings of Power, the scene is agreed to be just plain fun to watch. With its sheer scale, it could be more than enough for the climax of any other film, but a great battle is only the opening of the the Lord of the Rings saga.

5 The flight of the dark knight is vicious and clever

The Joker gang robs a bank dressed as a clown The Dark Knight

Rather than opening up about its titular character, The black Knight instead begins with a few-minute bank robbery performed by a group of criminals dressed as clowns. The scene is considered a well-regarded star of the series for a number of reasons.

Aside from just being shot well with engaging action, the scene also perfectly establishes the Joker as a cunning and dangerous villain. With a plan perfectly laid out, the clowns swoop down one by one until the Joker is the last one standing. With this scene, the film sets up Batman’s greatest enemy yet.

4 Raiders of the Lost Ark delivers an iconic moment right from the start

Indiana Jones escapes from a rolling rock trap in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Rather than using dialogue or exposition, much of the opening of Indiana Jones and the The Raiders of the Lost Ark establishes the tone, characters, and premise of the film with action alone. Focusing on Indiana Jones retrieving a golden idol, the scene establishes him as brave, capable, and intelligent as he dodges traps, solves puzzles, and outruns the idol’s guardians.

In particular, the long opening contains the well-known moment of Jones running away from a large rock rolling after him. Even after creating the show’s best-known image, the opener also features the film’s villain having Belloq take the idol after all Jones has done to get it back.

3 The blade opens strong and bloody

Blade walks into the vampire nightclub in the movie Blade

Prior to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Blade the films were generally recognized as some of the best movies to come out of Marvel comics. Before even confirming Wesley Snipes’ suitability for the role, the film opens with a bang with its now-iconic rave scene.

After the vampires douse the human ravers in blood and attack them, the film’s titular Daywalker appears on the scene brandishing a shotgun. The resulting action scene is visceral, well-choreographed, and even funny, setting audiences up perfectly for the film genre. Blade is.

2 Deadpool cements itself as its own entity

Deadpool in a demolition car in the opening sequence of the movie Deadpool

There is no doubt that the x-men the films have their fair share of well-produced action, with plenty of creative and entertaining fight scenes. However, the franchise is not known for its brutal hand-to-hand combat or gunfights. Dead Pool The opening minutes show that he is an entity unto himself, as he does both perfectly.

Showing Deadpool attacking a convoy, the film opens with a fight scene that’s funny, brutal, irreverent and full of standout moments. Both in terms of its quality as an action sequence and its relevance to the film, the first minutes of dead Pool are loved by fans.

1 Saving Private Ryan’s Omaha Beach streak has never been surpassed

US forces storm Omaha Beach in the opening minutes of Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan remains one of the most beloved and watched war films in cinematic history. Although its main plot focuses on a relatively smaller mission to retrieve a single soldier from the front lines, its opening sequence depicts one of the most brutal battles of all of World War II.

After a shot establishing Ryan as an old man, the film cuts to the very first landings at Omaha Beach on D-Day, with terrified soldiers charging straight into the gunfire. The scene depicts war as something terrible and horrifying, but also very Human, never losing sight of the individuals within the epic assault. It creates a haunting yet awe-inspiring image that sticks with the audience long after the sequence ends.

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