Request Loans with Truth

Being in the Veraz registered as delinquent has become an obstacle to request loans in Argentina. If the data of a future client appears in this list, your credit application is rejected immediately.


What is the truth?


The “Truthful” database shows information of people who present unpaid debts with banks or other companies. It is a tool frequently consulted by many companies to know if the person, to be considered as a future client, is not at risk.

So if you have to request a credit, loan or credit card, you already know that your data (credit and commercial) will be consulted in the Truth Report.

Also if you fell into default for not paying your credit card for a month or stopped paying any fee of the credit you recently requested, you may have already been incorporated into this registry. And you will wonder, how can I know if I am in the Truth?

This is a question you can clear, either for free every six months or pay if you want to find out right away. We recommend that you avoid knowing if you are in the Veraz at the last moment and having to surprise yourself before requesting a loan.

It is not a serious situation, but it limits your possibilities to qualify for financial products such as credits, loans, obtaining credit cards, etc.

The law of protection of personal data is the one that regulates the activity of records such as the Veraz to which people have free access every six months.


Innovative credit options with Veraz.

Innovative credit options with Veraz.

If you are a person considered as a debtor in the Veraz you will not be able to access any bank credit. However, a new opportunity has been opened for all these people: loans with Veraz or credits with Veraz.

To have the possibility of obtaining a loan with Veraz, in addition to the requirements requested by the financial institution, it is important that you can show your ability to pay and responsibly face a debt.

Keep in mind that some lender companies can request a guarantor when you ask for your credit, so do not rule out having a relative or friend planned with your current salary receipt and that I can give you help if you require it.

Fortunately there are alternatives like Manda Triscoe that offers you access options to loans and credits with Veraz (for smaller sums of money) but ultimately an interesting option for people included in this database of defaulters.


Requirements to opt for a loan with Veraz:

money loan

  • Be of age.
  • Have Argentine nationality or legal residence in the country (DNI).
  • Have and be able to demonstrate a source of income (that allows you to face the debt you are going to incur).

As they are online credits do not require extensive and deep credit studies of people, the sums of money that you can access are low but they can be of great help to face an unforeseen month.