Loans for entrepreneurs grow in Brazil

A mapping done by Loan and Credit points out that micro business investment grew 21.5% in the first half of 2017. Over 50,000 loan applications were made to individual entrepreneurs . In the first six months of 2016, the volume was close to 40 thousand.

Amid a scenario of financial challenges and political and economic crises, Brazilians are investing in their own businesses and replacing formal employment with entrepreneurship.

This is the conclusion of Loan and Credit’s Online Credit Mapping

This is the conclusion of Loan and Credit

Considering the analysis of more than 441 thousand online loans granted in Brazil in the first half of 2017. Compared to the same period last year, the growth of people who used values ​​obtained through online credit in own investments grew 21.5%. The number rose from 42.7 thousand to approximately 52 thousand platform customers.

The survey also signaled a change in the profile of the user who borrows Internet credits in Brazil. From January to June 2017, there was a 6% reduction in the number of people with formal employment who borrowed. On the other hand, the volume of customers who called themselves “entrepreneurs” increased by 5%.

“Until May, there were 33.3 million workers with a formal contract in the country. It is the smallest contingent since 2012. Given this scenario, online credit has gradually assumed an important role. It is the starting capital for the Brazilian to undertake in the most different formats, either to earn his full income or to complement it, ”explains Bruno Borges, Loan and Credit Marketing Manager.

Entrepreneurial loan by region


The Southeast region accounted for 47.8% of the requested online loans. All with the objective of undertaking, adding more than 24,800 orders. Then comes the northeast, with 26.5%, north (9%), south (8.3%) and midwest (8.1%). In the ranking by states, São Paulo led by adding more than 14 thousand credit applications granted. Second place went to Rio de Janeiro, which had 6,100 requests directed to new businesses.

The microentrepreneur who has been using online credit as a way to leverage his business is made up of approximately 52% men and 48% women, with 58.6% having completed high school and 17.6%, higher education. Check out more data in the table below:

The ease that online lending brings along with the entire political and economic context of the country made this growth possible. More and more Brazilians are finding safe and effective ways to make a loan online. This generates more prospects and opportunities to further increase entrepreneurship in Brazil.